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First Flight wins swim meets

First Flight swimmers Cecilia Cortez and Bri Wilson won two individual events each November 30 to help the Nighthawks girls defeat five other teams at a high school swim meet in Elizabeth City.

With three relay wins and swimmers placing first in seven individual events the Nighthawks girls dominated the meet with a total of 138 points for first place, Pasquotank County High School edged out Camden for second place with 65 points to the Bruins’ 64. Fourth place went to John A. Holmes with 54, Northeastern High School was fifth with 36 and Currituck County High School placed sixth with 32 points.

A closer finish in the boys events saw First Flight win two relays and three individual events to finish on top with 113 points to Currituck’s second place total of 92. Gabriel Daneker was the only double winner for the Knights earning wins in the 50 meter and 100 meter freestyle events. Back in third place was Camden County High School with 75 points while J.A. Holmes, Pasquotank County Northeastern High School trailed with 33, 30 and 28 points respectively.

According to First Flight officials, at least 15 swimmers and all relay teams on both squads have previously met regional or state qualification standards. Joining them were eight more swimmers hitting those time standards for state or regional events at the November 30 meet. Among them were state qualifier Cecilia Cortez in the 400 freestyle and regional qualifiers Tyler Anderson (100 and 200 freestyle), Bella Cooper (50 and 400 freestyle) Wyatt Ward (400 freestyle), Nick Gardill (50 freestyle), Bri Wilson (100 freestyle and 100 backstroke) Robert Peters (100 freestyle) and Ellie Gardill (100 backstroke).

Earlier in the week, on November 28 First Flight won both boys and girls meets at a meet in in Nags Head at the Outer Banks YMCA.

That meet saw First Flight girls take first with 139 points, Manteo second with 51 and Currituck third with 24. First Flight boys were first with 86 points, Manteo second with 68 and Currituck third with 59. Individual event results were not available.

First Flight swimmers will be back in action December 5 at the YMCA in Nags Head and again on Friday, Dec. 7, at the Elizabeth City YMCA.

Results from the Friday, November 30, high school swim meet include:

Girls – Team Scores
1 First Flight High School  138
2 Pasquotank County High School  65
3 Camden County High School  64
4 John A Holmes High School  54
5 Northeastern High School  36
6 Currituck County High School  32

Boys – Team Scores
1 First Flight High School  113
2 Currituck County High School  92
3 Camden County High School  75
4 John A Holmes High School  33
5 Pasquotank County High School  30
6 Northeastern High School  28

Event Results:

EVENT #1 Girls 200 Meter Medley Relay
1 FIRST FLIGHT A (Cecilia Cortez, Emmy Trivette, Bri Wilson, Anne Holcomb) 02:24.42
3 FIRST FLIGHT B (Bella Cooper, Ellie Gardill, Ashby King, Emily Beacham) x2:51.47
5 CURRITUCK A (Brooke DeCant, Mollie Lanigan, Callie Basnett, Merrit Woodson) 03:10.11

EVENT #2 Boys 200 Medley Meter Relay
2 FIRST FLIGHT A (Elliot Piland, Tyler Anderson, Ben Tonnesen, Ethan White) 02:27.11
3 CURRITUCK A (Evan Scully, Hayden Ray, Gabriel Hanke, Gabriel Daneker) 02:31.45

EVENT #3 Girls 200 Meter Free
1 Emmy Trivette (FFHS) 02:38.39
5 Samantha Phillips (CTUCK) 03:19.91
6 Grace Haas (FFHS) 03:19.95
9 Rose Meeks (FFHS) x3:38.95
10 Marley Renner (CTUCK) 03:40.67

EVENT #4 Boys 200 Meter Free
1 Tyler Anderson (FFHS) 02:42.57
2 Wyatt Ward (FFHS) 02:52.29
3 Andrew Sarnowski (CTUCK) 03:04.57
4 Chandler Walton, PCHS-NC 03:08.29
5 Micah Savage (FFHS) x3:09.11
8 Keegan Clapper (CTUCK) 03:40.50

EVENT #5 Girls 200 Meter IM
1 Ellie Gardill (FFHS) 03:35.27
3 Cassidy Dietz (FFHS) 03:47.33
6 Erynn Hall (CTUCK) 04:17.15

EVENT #6 Boys 200 Meter IM
1 Ben Tonnesen (FFHS) 02:56.43
3 Caleb Noerr (CTUCK) 03:19.42
4 Landen Wiggins (CTUCK) 03:43.30

EVENT #7 Girls 50 Meter Free
1 Cecilia Cortez (FFHS) 28.8
5 Anne Holcomb (FFHS) 32.64
7 Bella Cooper (FFHS) x33.74
12 Caroline Clissold (FFHS) x37.03
15 Merrit Woodson (CTUCK) 38.84
19 Anna Davies (FFHS) x40.24
20 Callie Basnett (CTUCK) 40.59
21 Kendall Miller (CTUCK) x40.65
26 Emily Beacham (FFHS) x43.09
27 Mollie Lanigan (CTUCK) x43.22

EVENT #8 Boys 50 Meter Free
1 Gabriel Daneker (CTUCK) 27.25
5 Hayden Ray (CTUCK) 31.04
8 Nick Gardill (FFHS) 32.65
9 Tucker Crook (FFHS) 32.74
10 Wyatt Ward (FFHS) x32.93
13 Evan Scully (CTUCK) x33.64
14 AJ Bartolotta (CTUCK) x34.80
15 Nathan Lapham (CTUCK) x34.87
16 Luke Carter (CTUCK) x34.96
26 Herman Hall (FFHS) x40.64
28 Preston Hill (CTUCK) x41.96
34 Samuel Kurtich (CTUCK) x44.33

EVENT #9 Girls 100 Meter Fly
2 Ashby King (FFHS) 01:44.86
3 Maggie Beacham (FFHS) 01:49.09

EVENT #10 Boys 100 Meter Fly
1 Ben Tonnesen (FFHS) 01:18.99
3 AJ Bartolotta (CTUCK) 01:55.91

EVENT #11 Girls 100 Meter Free
1 Bri Wilson (FFHS) 01:10.58
2 Anne Holcomb (FFHS) 01:16.48
5 Cassidy Dietz (FFHS) x1:28.79
6 Anna Davies (FFHS) x1:31.41
8 Merrit Woodson (CTUCK) 01:33.92
12 Emily Beacham (FFHS) x1:39.48
13 Rose Meeks (FFHS) x1:41.08
17 Ella Lamm (FFHS) x1:46.04
20 Brooklynn Miller (CTUCK) 01:57.93

EVENT #12 Boys 100 Meter Free
1 Gabriel Daneker (CTUCK) 01:03.51
2 Robert Peters (FFHS) 01:11.18
3 Tyler Anderson (FFHS) 01:11.60
4 Nick Payne, PCHS-NC 01:15.35
5 Nick Gardill (FFHS) x1:18.68
6 Andrew Sarnowski (CTUCK) 01:20.79
11 Micah Savage (FFHS) x1:27.88
12 Nathan Lapham (CTUCK) x1:28.23
16 Parker Holcomb (FFHS) x1:35.95
19 Preston Hill (CTUCK) x1:44.92
21 Samuel Kurtich (CTUCK) x1:46.13

EVENT #13 Girls 400 Meter Free
1 Cecilia Cortez (FFHS) 04:56.06
2 Bella Cooper (FFHS) 06:36.48
4 Grace Haas (FFHS) x7:05.22
5 Samantha Phillips (CTUCK) 07:10.49
9 Marley Renner (CTUCK) 07:59.41

EVENT #14 Boys 400 Meter Free
1 Payton Savage (FFHS) 05:20.83
2 Gabriel Hanke (CTUCK) 06:02.46
4 Elliot Piland (FFHS) 06:48.29
5 Christian Miller (FFHS) x6:48.53

EVENT #15 Girls 200 Free Meter Relay
1 FIRST FLIGHT A (Anne Holcomb, Emmy Trivette, Bri Wilson, Cecilia Cortez) 02:10.03
6 FIRST FLIGHT B (Ashby King, Maggie Beacham, Grace Haas, Caroline Clissold) x2:33.58
7 CURRITUCK A (Merrit Woodson, Kendall Miller, Brooke DeCant, Samantha Phillips) 02:36.13
11 FIRST FLIGHT C (Rose Meeks, Emily Beacham, Ella Lamm, Anna Davies) x2:55.72

EVENT #16 Boys 200 Free Meter Relay
1 FIRST FLIGHT A (Ben Tonnesen, Robert Peters, Ethan White, Payton Savage) 02:03.45
3 CURRITUCK A (Gabriel Daneker, Andrew Sarnowski, Landen Wiggins, Hayden Ray) 02:06.37
7 CURRITUCK B (Luke Carter, Keegan Clapper, Preston Hill, Nathan Lapham) x2:34.24

EVENT #17 Girls 100 Meter Back
1 Bri Wilson (FFHS) 01:21.86
2 Ellie Gardill (FFHS) 01:29.57
5 Brooke DeCant (CTUCK) 01:52.51
8 Ella Lamm (FFHS) x2:18.94

EVENT #18 Boys 100 Meter Back
1 Elliot Piland (FFHS) 01:32.17
3 Evan Scully (CTUCK) 01:35.66
4 Luke Carter (CTUCK) 01:43.66
5 Tucker Crook (FFHS) 01:44.66
6 Keegan Clapper (CTUCK) x1:46.29

EVENT #19 Girls 100 Meter Breast
3 Caroline Clissold (FFHS) 01:47.53
4 Ashby King (FFHS) 01:47.75
6 Maggie Beacham (FFHS) x1:51.14
7 Mollie Lanigan (CTUCK) 01:57.25
9 Erynn Hall (CTUCK) 02:10.32
10 Kendall Miller (CTUCK) x2:23.82

EVENT #20 Boys 100 Meter Breast
2 Payton Savage (FFHS) 01:32.09
3 Hayden Ray (CTUCK) 01:35.54
4 Caleb Noerr (CTUCK) 01:42.09
5 Ethan White (FFHS) 01:43.60
7 Herman Hall (FFHS) x1:51.17
8 Parker Holcomb (FFHS) x1:56.24

EVENT #21 Girls 400 Free Meter Relay
3 FIRST FLIGHT A (Bella Cooper, Ellie Gardill, Maggie Beacham, Caroline Clissold) 05:43.01
5 FIRST FLIGHT B (Grace Haas, Cassidy Dietz, Rose Meeks, Anna Davies) x6:11.64
8 CURRITUCK A (Marley Renner, Samantha Phillips, Brooke DeCant, Callie Basnett) 06:28.16

EVENT #22 Boys 400 Free Meter Relay
2 FIRST FLIGHT A (Tyler Anderson, Tucker Crook, Robert Peters, Payton Savage) 04:51.90
5 CURRITUCK A (AJ Bartolotta, Andrew Sarnowski, Timothy Gillette, Gabriel Hanke) 05:26.92
6 FIRST FLIGHT B (Nick Gardill, Christian Miller, Micah Savage, Herman Hall) x5:32.84



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