Letter to the Editor: Calling on Rep. Murphy to take a stand on offshore drilling

Published 5:18 pm Thursday, October 10, 2019

To the editor,

Last week, NC Interfaith Power and Light held an event titled “God’s Oceans and Coastal Communities” in Atlantic Beach where faith leaders led a community discussion regarding healthy stewardship of our planet. Greg Murphy, the freshly sworn in U.S Representative of District 3, was present on the first panel discussion. Though he has yet to publicly oppose offshore drilling, Murphy sat without objection as these communities denounced drilling in defense of oceanic well-being.

If Greg Murphy wishes to represent his coastal constituency of Congressional District 3, he must publicly oppose offshore drilling. As a native of Kitty Hawk, I have experienced first hand the fear and anger of a community whose entire existence is threatened by the conquest of our environment. We deserve a representative who will protect us from the exploitative forces who have no stake in our shared survival.

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It is no exaggeration to say that a spill off our coast would be absolutely catastrophic. Beyond the innate health risks associated with offshore drilling’s production of wastewater, a spill would cripple the coast’s booming tourism industry. Currituck, Dare, and Hyde County, all of which lie in Murphy’s district, have passed resolutions opposing off-shore drilling. And why wouldn’t they? No tourism means a severely diminished economy. No tourism means saying goodbye to our way of life.

Murphy has yet to comment publicly on his offshore drilling stance. If he wishes to protect our vulnerable communities which he has been elected to serve, he will join us in opposition to the Department of the Interior’s push to turn our coastline into another resource to be extracted. Eastern NC is more than that. We are communities rich with culture, natural beauty, and livelihoods which are too valid to be regulated to afterthought.

Representative Murphy, please join us in rigid opposition to offshore drilling.

Cliff Jenkins

Kitty Hawk