After a close match, Cape Hatteras out of soccer playoffs

Published 5:48 am Wednesday, November 13, 2019

In a very close, hard-fought, physical soccer match, Voyager Academy defeated Cape Hatteras Secondary 1-0 in Buxton on a cold Saturday night. The match played Saturday night Nov. 9 was the second round of state playoffs.

At the end of the first half, the score was tied 0-0.

Four minutes into the second half, Voyager’s Charley Wright kicked the ball into the goal.

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Despite furious action from both sides, the teams did not score again.

To set the match, Cape Hatteras was up against last year’s 1A soccer champions. Voyager Academy had an overall record of 19-7 and a conference record of 15-2. The roster lists 21 players.

Cape Hatteras had an overall record of 7-6 and a conference record of 4-0. Cape Hatteras had 16 players ready for the match.

During both halves, Cape Hatteras keeper Jasper Morris and teammates deflected the many shots-on-goal fired by Voyager players.

The fierce match sparked a shoving match with just over a minute to go in the match. One player for Cape Hatteras was ejected. A Voyager player was yellow-carded and was out for a play. Morris was yellow-carded then ejected for language.

Voyager Academy was awarded a penalty kick. The ball was placed 12 yards in front of the center of the goal.

For Cape Hatteras, José Cirisa pulled on the keeper’s shirt and set up to go one-on-one with a Voyager player. In quick defensive move, Cirisa dramatically defected the kick away from the goal.

Voyager Academy next plays Franklin Academy on Nov. 13.