Raccoon with head stuck in can found in Manteo

Published 9:09 am Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A young raccoon with his head stuck in an empty tomato can was discovered at Roanoke Island Festival Park last week and brought to Roanoke Island Animal Clinic in Manteo.

Dr. Mary Burkart and head technician Katie Stewart worked to open the can to release the raccoon.


Courtesy Roanoke Island Animal Clinic

“Actually, because raccoons are primary rabies vector species, even [as] vets we are very limited to what we can do to treat them,” said Dr. Mark Grossman.

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Dr. Grossman also cautioned against handling raccoons, even if they are deceased. “Katie and Dr. Burkart, as with most of us at the clinic, are vaccinated against rabies and we still must be very careful,” he said.

“Do not feed these creatures. We do not want to encourage them to live closer to us then they already do. Before you know it, they think they can come right up to us and they will bite us if provoked!” Dr. Grossman continued. “Poorly discarded trash kills our beautiful wildlife. Please be mindful of this.”

After being freed from the can, the young raccoon was released.


Courtesy Roanoke Island Animal Clinic



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