Gig Line: Just telling it like it is . . .

Published 11:04 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2020

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Plain and simple truth? This whole virus thing scares most of us to pieces for different reasons. It is a bad situation and I hate that it’s even something we have to deal with at all. But this is the way I see it . . .

No matter your political views, no matter which party you’re affiliated with, no matter if you really like or detest our current Administration . . . I thank God he (with the help of others) made it a priority to re-build this economy to the state it’s in now so we’re not starting out with this epidemic behind the eight ball. Thank God President Trump stopped the influx of visitors and travelers to the United States when he did even though doing so was not a popular decision and criticized to the extent it was. Thank God our military is built up and stronger than ever to not only defend our shores and to be used to protect our citizens by  whatever measure deemed necessary as the days and weeks go by . . . thank Almighty God we live in America – the greatest nation on earth.

Just to be clear . . . I don’t use Gig Line as a political soap box – I purposely choose not to because this column is dedicated to veterans – but also to God and what I  personally know to be true and have spiritually witnessed first-hand in my life, both between the Lord and I and in my husband’s life, what he experienced in Vietnam and back here at home. My faith has gotten me through extremely difficult situations, and I lean on Him because I know I can . . . Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”

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They say “all things happen for a reason” and sometimes after the fact, we look back and think that statement rings true but it seems impossible to think this situation we’re facing right now will leave us feeling that way . . . with all the people who have been ill or passed away as a result, but I believe in God and that eventually something good will come out of it. Do I see this big fat mess as positive? Of course not. But through this horrible ordeal we will learn; we will come away from it more educated, more attuned, more aware and more prepared. And for anyone who criticizes and finds fault with how things are being handled currently . . . what about all the naive political inaction from past administrations, for years, from president to president for centuries, what had we done before 2020 to be ideally prepare for something like this?

This is a gross situation that we were dealt – affecting and literally infecting us, not just in our body, but in our mind and our spirit too. It’s scary if not frightening, for our health and the health of those we love; for our jobs; for our savings (if any) and it is literally paralyzing our nation. But, to be sure, we will rise from the ashes; we won’t be caught off guard again; we will likely build our armor with more than weapons and ammunition, but rather with our brains.

Politicians can criticize all they want but when they do, I wonder how this potential scenario was ever made a priority from anybody before? What if we were dealing with germ warfare rather than an extremely contagious virus? Just my opinion, but I think this emergency will influence and ensure that more and more U. S. manufacturing jobs will be created, established and depended on, here in the United States rather than outsourcing to foreign countries, I believe we will take more seriously that medicines and antibiotics should be manufactured here at home providing even more jobs (at lower costs) ensuring we don’t have to worry about a threat that a country we depend on for necessary meds who get their “panties in a wad” can’t pull the rug out from under us.

We as Americans have heard it over and over lately . . . that “we need to stick together as a nation” which reminds me of WW II history when folks pulled together to take care of business for all our sake. It isn’t “fluff” or appeasement, it’s the truth – “United we stand, divided we fall!”

Come November we’ll have our chance to cast our ballot and perhaps the Administration will change or maybe not, but in the meantime, let’s please pull together in this, put aside the “blame game” because when you really think about it, how far back do we go? and how many folks do we point our finger at?

The extent of this is yet to be known but we should all hope for good, solid recovery and stability no matter WHO gets the credit, makes decisions to protect us when, where, why and how. When it comes to a national crisis or emergency, that is what really matters and one last thing on this subject, as a whole, we’re pretty smart, but we aren’t “all knowing” and hands down the folks in political positions on all levels of our government undoubtedly know a whole lot more than we do. Praying hard for all our politicians in every decision they make, not only in the case of this undeniable hardship gripping our country, but in their daily interaction with each other too and for the common good of all is critical.

Please stay tuned not only to our national but our local news. If you are healthy and your work hours are compromised through this ordeal, perhaps your head or hands could be used to help lessen the burden for folks who aren’t well. Let’s wash our hands – a lot – and try to find a way to do good. Like many of you, I believe this too shall pass and when we come out of it, we’ll be wiser and a step ahead of this kind of dilemma for the future.

Lastly, I wish you all happiness, safety and pride in yourselves, in our country and in each other. We’re doing the best we can under very difficult circumstances. We are Americans and we won’t let this, or any other crisis take us down, plain and simple. If you’re a veteran, thank you, if you’re not, then please acknowledge and thank the veterans you know.

God bless our president and all dedicated law makers on both sides of the aisle who love our country and want the best for our men, women and children, no matter whose feelings it hurts or who’s feathers get ruffled. Difficult decision take courage on everyone’s part. Can we just pretend we don’t have opposing party affiliations and just act as “One nation under God”. . . at least until we can get through this? Please?

Until next time, I love you all and I respect your opinions too. But, this time folks, we have to stick together. You’re welcome to call me 252-202-2058 or write to me: and thank you for reading Gig Line! Stay tuned!