Letter to the Editor: Reader has book suggestions for extra time at home

Published 8:49 am Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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Editor The Coastland Times,

In September of 2019 I watched a documentary on UNC PBS CH 2 on Mark Twain’s trip to Jerusalem in 1867. Twain talked an editor of a newspaper in San Francisco to pay his way to the Holy Land in exchange for a regular stream of news articles about the trip (about 4 months).

Then 4 weeks ago Mike Huckabee (Direct TV CH 372 8:00 PM Saturdays) interviewed an author by the name of Jonathon Cahn about his book “The Oracle.”

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During the interview Cahn brought up a lot of facts about The Jubilean Mysteries (50 year periods in Jewish History) and how they all tied together over thousands of years.

He mentioned Mark Twain’s trip to Jerusalem and other facts from Moses, The Roman Empire, The Crusades, Muslim control of the Holy Land, The Ottoman Empire, President Truman’s support of Israel as a Jewish homeland, and President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel.

I do not normally read books, but found the documentary about Twain and the book interview with Cahn so compelling that I suggested my children gift me with the book for my birthday. They did better than that, as they also sent another book by the author entitled “The Harbinger.”

I had a hard time putting the books down.

By the way, Mark Twain was not a religious man, but another editor talked him into writing a book about his voyage called “Innocents Abroad”, “A New Pilgrims Progress”, which became a best seller and actually launched his literary career.

Also, President Truman’s State Department (the “Deep State” of 1947) did not approve of his support of the Jewish State of Israel.

Have nothing to do on all of these days at home during the Virus?

May I suggest curling up with “The Oracle” or the “Harbinger.”

Thank you,

George J. Pitonyak

Kitty Hawk



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