Gig Line: You and Me and He

Published 4:07 pm Thursday, October 15, 2020

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As I have told you all many times over the history of Gig Line, when I first sit down to write, I pray. I ask God to inspire me and lead me to write to our veterans and others about topics that honor Him and that the time I spend writing it and that you spend reading it will be for good.

This column is short this week, not because I was lazy or didn’t hear from the Lord but because I did write a lengthy column that I spent almost four hours on yesterday, but just before I emailed it to the paper, for some reason when I had finished my final spell check, I felt led to hold off.

What I am writing today is to tell you all that for the next three weeks, I will be writing about extremely important topics and when I do, the topics and the way I write will be bathed in prayer and, as usual, very sincere from my heart. You may appreciate the first one and look forward to the second and the third because each one will connect. Then again, you may not.

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Just within the past week, my high school friend and maid of honor lost her beloved husband. Ricky crossed the bar for the final time and a very close friend – another Vietnam veteran who had especially touched my Billy’s heart and inner core – and his precious wife have taken another huge step in their journey to help survive cancer and save his life. These two significant factors have helped me realize even further that life is not to be taken lightly, that life is short and that we have a responsibility to stand up for things that matter for good and in alignment with God’s will while we still can.

I hope and I pray that God will use me as His vessel to make even a small but meaningful difference in your life and decisions you will make in the future.

Love our veterans, support them and their families; be kind and care about others above ourselves and believe in the power of faith, prayer and good conscience. As always, you are welcome to call me at 252-202-2058 or write to me at I love you, God bless you all and please stay tuned.