Ocracoke School CTE students explore design, building with popsicle stick bridges

Published 5:29 pm Sunday, October 10, 2021

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Students in Kadi Richardson’s technology engineering and design CTE class at Ocracoke School recently made their own bridges out of popsicle sticks after learning about different kinds of bridges. In small groups, students worked together to design and build the strongest bridge possible.

“Kadi had them guess how many pounds the strongest bridge would hold. Most guesses were between 10-25 pounds and the highest guess was 145 pounds,” stated an Ocracoke School post. “After testing out the weights on each bridge, the most weight one of the bridges held was 677 pounds! And it could have been more but they ran of weight to put on it.”

In addition to the weight contest, a competition was also held to determine the most attractive bridge. Students voted and ribbons were awarded.


Courtesy Ocracoke School


Courtesy Ocracoke School

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