Reflections by the Sea: January

Published 12:40 pm Thursday, January 13, 2022

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He who ignores discipline despises himself, but whoever heeds correction gains understanding. – Proverbs 15:32 NIV

Dropping temperatures have produced a winter chill this past week that seems will stay around for a while. For some, it might be the excuse to sit inside and do nothing, but for others, the weather means very little when it comes to getting started with new ideas and new goals for the New Year.

January marks the beginning of the year, but for many of us, it means so much more. Like being able to close the door to the events of the past year and look forward in the New Year with hope and expectation. January represents a fresh start, new beginnings, and a new way to look at old things. New Year’s hopes and dreams are declared, diets are started and exercise classes are filled to capacity with those that want to be healthier. January is also a time when we can look at our own spiritual healthiness. Taking stock of our own spiritual growth is important. God wants to promote us and to shower His blessings on us. But we have to be in a relationship with Him where we can receive what He wants to give us. That takes knowing Him on a daily basis. We can’t just go to Him occasionally when we are sick or we are praying for a family member and expect to live in His fullness. He wants us to come to Him in the good times, too. He has wisdom to impart and guidance to give. Being a disciple of God takes daily discipline. He teaches us through His Word and then He uses us as a witness so that we can teach others. It is a good time of year to begin to set a schedule where we make time for God – everyday. To start off the New Year with a desire to grow in Him, and then take action to make our desire a reality, is the most important resolution on our list. And He will honor our desire by being there when we reach out to Him.

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Betsy Ore Glass has long-standing ties to the Outer Banks. From Virginia Beach, her family bought a vacation cottage in the 60s and her love of the area began. Later in the 90s, Betsy and her husband bought a weekend cottage and introduced the area to their children. Then Betsy’s parents retired to KDH where the family gathered often. Reach her at or read additional Reflections at