Letter to the Editor: Concern raised over potential worsening of Southern Shores traffic issues

Published 12:55 pm Wednesday, September 14, 2022

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To the Editor:

Thank you for your Sept. 11 report on Southern Shores Town Council’s September meeting. At that meeting, the Council voted unanimously to add a crosswalk at 10th Ave and reduce the speed limit on NC12 to 35 mph. These well-intentioned actions, may exacerbate existing traffic woes.

Southern Shores has 13 numbered avenues which run east to west and intersect NC12. There are no crosswalks at avenues 1 through 8. After 8th Ave, there is a crosswalk at Hilcrest Dr. After Hilcrest, numbered avenues resume, 9th through 13th. 13th has a crosswalk and a traffic light. 11th Avenue also has a crosswalk. By adding a crosswalk at 10th, there will be four crosswalks within 6 blocks. The Council has long decried cut-through traffic. Through various means it hopes to force traffic going north to Duck and Corolla onto NC 12. Now with another crosswalk, traffic will be slowed which may encourage travelers to cut through the west side of Town. Note, for those many Southern Shores residents who live off NC 12, there is no relief.

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At the same meeting, the Council decreed that the speed limit on NC 12, through the entire town will be 35 mph. As our neighbor Leonard Schmitz pointed out, this means golf carts will now be able to use the road. The Council believes that the reduction in the speed limit will decrease the number and severity of accidents. The Council may be disappointed, when golf carts and automobiles collide. Golf carts will further slow traffic on NC 12, which means more travelers may seek to cut through the Town.

Marc LeBlanc

Southern Shores