Dare commissioners approve money moves

Published 7:43 am Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Dare County Board of Commissioners made seven money moves in its early September consent agenda.

The commissioners adopted two financial policy changes.

The first change is to make the North Carolina Investment Pool an eligible investment by changing the investments policy section.

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The second change is to the debt compliance policy section. The change requires event notices for incurring privately placed debt and properly redacted debt documents to be filed within 10 business days of the debt closing.

Regarding the Woda Cooper housing project, the commissioners readopted the budget amendment for the Community Development Housing Fund originally adopted Aug. 11, 2022. The amendment establishes a budget for $9 million allocated from fund balance to the project.

About the Coastal Affordable Housing project, the commissioners established a budget for the $35 million state appropriation for the project.

For the Dare County Sheriff’s budget, the sheriff’s fund received $46,141 from a U.S. Treasury payment for drug forfeiture.

North Carolina General Statutes do not address a process to file for a refund for overpayment of occupancy taxes. Dare County and its municipalities received overpayments. Dare commissioners passed a resolution authorizing the county manager, upon verification, to refund the county’s share of overpaid occupancy taxes and to enter the necessary budget amendments.

Change Order No. 1 for the Avon-Buxton water main replacement project was adopted. The adopted water fund budget set aside $1 million for the replacement. The change order added an additional 2,500 feet of pipe and increased the project by $296,040. This project and others will be paid for by a two percent water rate increase over five years in unincorporated Dare County.

Island H, ¾ mile east of the Wanchese Harbor entrance, is a 36-acre confined disposal site for mixed and fine-grained sediments. It is used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for dredge material. The island is owned by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. The modification of the Island H calls for raising the existing dike embankment. For a pipeline dredging project from Wanchese to Oregon Inlet to proceed, Dare County must provide a site for dredge material.

Roberson Contracting LLC submitted the lowest responsible bid at $647,409.60, which is within the approved budget.

Dare’s commissioners approved the Roberson Contracting as the contractor of choice and authorized the county manager to negotiate and sign a contract.

The county commissioners agreed to a memorandum of understanding and easement with the Dare County Tourism Board, which co-owns several parcels of land located in Nags Head, namely Forbes commercial lots, the former Dairy Queen parcel and the former Pamlico Jack’s property. Dare County is sponsoring a project to build boardwalks and gazebos near the shoreline. To build the project and apply for grant funding, an easement is needed.

Dare commissioners adopted an attendance policy as requested by the Government Education Access Channels Operating Committee. The policy as adopted by the committee reads “Faithful attendance at all meetings of the committee shall be a condition of service. For purposes of this policy, ‘faithful attendance’ at regular meetings of the committee is defined as 75% attendance of all meetings on an annual basis.”