January Students saluted for fairness

Published 10:37 am Monday, March 12, 2018

WAVE RIDER Students at Nags Head Elementary School are recognized for Fairness Jan. 26. Students are, left to right, Front row: Georgana Coates, Brandon Romero Cortez, Bishop Sproehnle, William Boutin, Ben Miller, Kai Lambert, Easton Hall, Jordan Perry, Mason Hooper, Bradley Anne Folkes, Vincent Read, and Dylan McAvoy. Middle row: Jordan Castaneda-Ramirez, Austin Tolson, Pacifica Morrison, Gennaro Maione, Emma Butler, Ella Heath, Bronwyn Smith, Weslee Michael and Kaiyah Pendill. Back row: Nina Quiros, Jireh Benites-Polanco, Blake Givens, Sam Baldwin, Sterling Wright, Kayla Austin, Connor Reardon, and Ashlee Reinhart. Not Pictured: Gil James, (Michelle Haber photo)

At Nags Head Elementary, January Students of the Month for Fairness were honored in a ceremony on Jan. 26.

These students are role models for the characteristics that comprise the concept of Fairness: playing by the rules, taking turns and sharing, being open-minded, and treating all people fairly.

The students were chosen by their teachers and peers, who made these comments:

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“He always plays by the rules in any game.”

“She makes sure everyone has a chance to participate.”

“She gave me a pencil sharpener when I really needed one bad!”