Letter: Reader takes issue with coverage of anti-Trump protestor

Published 1:25 pm Wednesday, May 2, 2018

I have been a loyal reader of the Coastland Times for the past 15 years and have generally been happy with its local content. But when the April 25 edition prominently displayed a photograph and article about a roving anti-Trump activist I felt compelled to write this letter to object, for it is neither newsworthy, nor objective as required by the National Newspaper Association.

There is not a thing newsworthy about a retired postman, with not a single credential to warrant the coverage, wandering about the country with a sign saying “TRUMP, THAT BOY DON’T ACT RIGHT.” There are several things I would like to point out. First, Donald Trump is the President of the United States and deserves to be treated as such, with the dignity and respect the office requires. Second, your newspaper should not encourage the use of poor grammar. Third, the unspecified opinion of an individual with absolutely no platform denigrating the president is offensive.

The reason President Trump carried Dare County with over 58 percent of the vote is because he does act right. He has demonstrated the courage to stand up to America’s enemies, to use common sense in opposing policies that are contrary to America’s values, to focus on improving an economy that significantly waned under the previous administration, as well as build up a deteriorating military. Despite the relentless and ill-conceived opposition from the press and other generally left-leaning forces, he is stalwart in protecting the nation’s interests. As an active author, retired attorney, former judge, prosecutor and retired military officer with service in three different Special Forces units, Purple Heart recipient, etc., I feel I have much more of a solid platform than Mr. McCray. Would your newspaper even deign to give my opinion such heady coverage? Of course not, for my opinion is not newsworthy, nor is that of Mr. McCray and his silly publicity stunt.

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The managerial staff of the Coastland Times should be ashamed, and at minimum, print and apology for such biased and unworthy reporting.

David R. Tanis, Duck