Letter: Reader urges drivers to relax over Alligator River Bridge delays 

Published 11:59 am Monday, May 14, 2018

Enjoyed your column, “Surrounded by love,” in the May 5 edition, and yes, that is what we do here in Dare County. It is a very caring community and I say “community,” as that is what Dare County is. 

What I don’t understand is all of the negative comments on the repairs of the Alligator River Bridge. We have lived in East Lake 45 years and we appreciate the work being done. We live at the foot of the bridge and we had to go around twice but we enjoyed the ride through the country – just know it will take you an extra hour. 

To me it is a little inconvenience for the safety of people who travel across the bridge and to prevent a total closure due to a loss of the bridge from deferred maintenance failure, then having to bring the ferries back or go around. 

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People tell me, “I sat there for an hour.” No you didn’t, unless it was stuck open or an accident. We were coming back from Columbia the other day, we got stopped, there were 13 boats and when the bridge opened the cars going west went first and we still only sat there 20 minutes. 

Relax folks, take a 10-minute power nap or enjoy the view. Think how long it would take you if we had to go back to a ferry. 

Thank you, just wanted to give a view from someone who lives at the foot of the bridge. 

Rosemarie Riccitelli Doshier, East Lake