Kitty Hawk to pump; Currituck positioning high-water emergency vehicles

Published 3:27 pm Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Town of Kitty Hawk says it has received permission from the NCDEQ to begin pumping areas flooded areas within the town.

Two available pumps will arrive from Norfolk  this afternoon.  The town will provide additional information on location of pumps as  the information becomes available.

Easter Dare and Currituck counties are both under a flash flood warning this afternoon.

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Meanwhile, Currituck County officials say they are taking steps to ensure public safety during the current severe weather situation. Several areas of the county are experiencing localized storm-water flooding.

The county has available several high-water emergency response vehicles from the sheriff’s office and fire-emergency medical services. These have been positioned throughout the county and will be used to access citizens residing on flooded roadways, if necessary. Citizens making emergency calls to 9-1-1 will receive a timely response.

Citizens are strongly advised to not attempt to drive or walk on a flooded roadway. Also, use caution when traveling on the beach road due to increased surf and erosion, and be aware that the beach road may become impassable at high tide.

County staff continues to assess flooding levels at several locations throughout the county. At this time, no operations to pump storm-water have been approved by Currituck County.

Currently, winds from the south have pushed water into the Currituck Sound and raised its water level. Therefore, pumping is not a viable option in certain areas located next to the sound because there is nowhere to pump the water to. Once the south winds subside or change direction, the water level of the Currituck Sound will decrease and abate the storm-water flooding in these areas.

Updates to local response will be forwarded as information becomes available. For safety information, citizens may call Currituck Emergency Management at 252-232-2115.