Letter: Concerned over lack of communication during flooding

Published 11:08 am Monday, August 6, 2018

Just to share some info, I live in Ocean Sands. Thursday, July 26 there was sewage water coming out of the manhole cover on east end of Fishermans Court. The sewer dept did send a truck to pump. The truck returned on Friday and pumped off and on most of the day. Saturday no pump truck for a while, until the county engineer got involved, Erik Weatherly.

Before he showed, I had contacted county commissioner Bob White, who assured me it was only lake water which was NOT true. (Toilet tissues and feces when manhole opened).

Erik was great but Bob White was very disappointing.

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My main concern was the health issue with kids, dogs and any resident or visitor. Lack of communication was serious. The management group for this area is Coastland who hired Signature Touch as their management company. The Ocean Sands and Crown Point advisory board from Ocean Sands Property Homeowners has done an amazing job communicating.

Big kudos to Al and Barb Marzetti for their dedication and hard work. If it had not been for their work the situation would have been much worse.

Donna Agnew, Ocean Sands