Open letter to Chief David M. Kole

Published 5:12 am Wednesday, October 10, 2018

David M. Kole, Chief of Police

Southern Shores Police Department

Southern Shores, NC 27949

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Dear Chief Kole:

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly commend Officers Eric Brinkley, Matt Cook and Tracy Mann.

On Thursday, 13 September 2018, I took a nasty fall while walking my early morning “mile around.” This happened on the sidewalk in front of #19 Ocean Boulevard. It was my own fault, tripping over some “slub” concrete (which had been here for decades) while taking notice of the “deserted” cottages along both sides of Ocean Boulevard.

Within seconds, two civilian “good Samaritan” couples, having seen me fall, stopped to help; and within a split second of their arrival, three of your officers appeared. They stayed with me, talked with me, helped me to my feet, tried mightily to take me home, and in general, conversed with me to the point they were satisfied I was calm, coherent, and able to get my bearings once again. I could not have gotten more complete and sincere attention if I’d paid for it!

Please accept my gratitude for their sensitivity, indulgence and time spent with an old lady. All three are to be highly prized by the citizenry of Southern Shores and indeed of the whole Outer Banks.

With deep appreciation I am sincerely,

Emily L. Walker