Dare County Board of Commissioners – District 1

Published 5:51 am Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Dare County Board of Commissioners – District 1. The contest is between Jim Tobin, Republican, and Rosemarie Doshier, Democrat.


Rosemarie Doshier

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Mailing Address: 19880 U.S. Hwy. 64, East Lake, NC 27953

Contact Phone: (252) 305-3996

Website: rosemariecares4dare.com

Facebook: rosemarie riccitelli for dare county commissioner

Position/philosophy statement: We are all ONE County! Making sure there are no forgotten towns in the county of Dare. Rosemarie cares for Dare!


Jim Tobin


Age: 64

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 243, Manns Harbor, NC 27953

Contact Phone: (252) 256-0629

Email Address: jim@fishpiratescove.com

Position/philosophy statement: fiscal conservative/social moderate


What is the most important issue the Dare County Commission will have to address in the next 2 years?

Doshier: One of the most important issues Dare County will have to address in the next two years will be the road to Hatteras – Million’s of dollars have been spent on our new bridges to make travel safe, just to have the road washout and still not be accessible. While the road is a state issue, it is up to us to work for the residents in our county. Along those same lines, is storm water run off and cleaning of canals and waterways to try to prevent flooding throughout the county to protect our clean water.

Tobin: This is a very complex question and narrowing it down to one issue is next to impossible. The most pressing issues in my opinion are storm water management, affordable housing, attracting younger qualified workers, keeping our waterways open, protecting the rights of commercial fishermen, expanding our educational system to include the trades, dealing with the opioid epidemic, clean beaches and striking a balance between tourism and keeping the traditional hometown feel.

Are there policies you believe can be enacted that would improve the economy of Dare County in the next 2 years?

Doshier: We continue to talk about broadband highspeed internet for our county, but we still have not seen it. This could boost the economy by people being able to work from home and bring new businesses who would consider relocating here if they had good internet speed and service they can rely on.

Tobin: We are truly blessed to live in a place where our economy is booming but still has room to grow. We have a strong opportunity for growth in our shoulder seasons and should continue trying to attract events to our area in the spring and fall. We also can grow our boating community by proactive dredging projects in Hatteras and Oregon Inlets. The true potential that could be realized by open and safe inlets is hundreds of millions of dollars to our economy. Continuing the nourishment of our beach.

What kinds of policies will you pursue to promote affordable housing in our county?

Doshier: As a REALTOR, I know the importance of affordable housing for our residents and while I admit I don’t have all of the answer, would be willing to work diligently to bring affordable housing to our residents. We need to start with zoning to allow multi-family homes, accessory dwellings, dormitory style housing for seasonal worker and then use for COA students off season. Tax credit for owners who rent to year round residents. We also need to work on wages, and insurance.

Tobin: We are currently working with the planning and building departments implementing changes in our zoning ordinances that will allow for several opportunities to have more affordable housing. Accessory Dwelling Units, reduced lot size requirements, higher density multifamily units and cluster homes are all in the works and will give builders and homeowners many different ways of adding affordable long term housing for our residents.

How would you rate Dare County’s public education system?

Doshier: Excellent

Tobin: Above Average

If you rated it below excellent, what proposals would you support to improve it?

Doshier: The Dare County public education system is excellent; however, we need to figure out what we need to do differently so that we can pay our teachers more. We have a year-round population of 32+-K, and we have all of this real estate owned by out of state owners. There should be ample money to educate our children. Are we putting more money in buildings instead of the educators? Just something to think about. No teacher should be paying for supplies for their class rooms.

Tobin: Our schools are great but I feel we really need to concentrate more on the students that don’t want to go to a 4 year college after graduation. We need to offer classes in the trades and join forces with COA to give these young adults the choices they deserve to earn a good living in the many industries that support our community. Boat Building, HVAC, plumbing, electrician, auto mechanics, medical techs and Radiographers just to name a few. These are all great professions that need workers.

How would you rate the access to healthcare services in Dare County?

Doshier: Above average

Tobin: Average

How would you rate the quality of healthcare services in Dare County?

Doshier: Above average

Tobin: Average

If you rated them less than excellent, what can the commission do to improve healthcare services?

Doshier: The healthcare in Dare County has greatly improved since I moved her 45 years ago. The cancer centers are truly a blessing to our residents who now do not have to travel to Norfolk for treatments. The hospital allows residents to have children born in the county, minor surgeries without having to go to Norfolk or Greenville, and I am very pleased with the services available. Would like to see full time year round doctors in the emergency room. Walk-in clinics in Kitty Hawk and Duck areas.

Tobin: With one of our major health care providers leaving the area this problem has been put in the forefront. Its very difficult being in a community that has a summer population of close to 300000 people and a winter population of around 40000 people and supplying sustainable health care. The county needs to continue its total funding of our emergency services and med evac services while lobbying the health care providers to reopen a facility in our area.

What is your stance on the permitting of off-shore drilling and seismic testing along the N.C. coast?

Doshier: I am firmly opposed. I have been to many meetings on this issues and find no benefit whatsoever to our residents and our county.

Tobin: I believe that offshore drilling for oil is unnecessary and a definite threat to our pristine beaches. I am also against offshore wind farms for a multitude of reasons. We should exhaust all terrestrial forms of energy before we endanger our oceans.