U.S. House of Representatives

Published 5:31 am Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Walter B. Jones

Unopposed incumbent Republican Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives

Age: 75

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 668, Farmville, NC 27828

Contact Phone (252) 413-9934

Website: walterjonescommittee.com

Facebook: WalterJonesCommittee

Position/philosophy statement: I am a Christian Conservative who is honored to serve the great people of Eastern North Carolina.

What are your top 3 legislative priorities?

Jones: 1) Uphold the Constitution 2) Represent the values of the people of Eastern North Carolina 3) Fight the runaway debt that has led to our staggering national debt

Are our current immigration policies effective? If not, what improvements would you support? Jones: We must enforce our current immigration laws and secure our borders.

How do you rate the level of cybersecurity effectiveness in voting, commerce, and infrastructure?

Jones: Average: Steps are currently taking place to improve these issues.

How do you rate the state of healthcare in the U.S.? Average

How do you rate access to healthcare in your district? Above average

If you rated either less than excellent, what federal policies would help improve healthcare in the U.S. and/or your district?

Jones: Our Veterans access to health care must improve.

What is your stance on the permitting of off-shore drilling and seismic testing along the N.C. coast?

Jones: If it is safe and the jobs generated have a large economic impact on North Carolina, then I am in favor.

Should the federal government address gun violence? Yes/No Please explain your answer.

Jones: Crime committed with guns should be addressed, but limiting the rights of law abiding citizens will not solve the problem.