Letter to the Editor: Oregon Inlet Fishing Center “The Transition”

Published 1:47 pm Thursday, December 13, 2018

Original Stockholders Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, Inc.

Capt. Sambo Tillett, Capt. Omie Tillett, Capt. Tony Tillett, Capt. Wayland Baum, Capt. Harry Baum, Capt. Billy Brown, Capt. Warren O’Neal, Capt. Marvin Mann, Capt. Sam Stokes, Capt. Buddy Canady, Capt. Murray Cudworth, Capt. Lee Perry, Capt. Arvin Midgett, Capt. Sheldon Midgett, Capt. Bobby Sullivan, Capt. Wheeler Berry, Capt. Victor Daniels, Sr., Capt. Delton Dowdy, Capt. Rudolph Peele, Capt. H.T. Gaskins, Capt. Jesse Etheridge, Capt. Z.F. Payne, Capt. Homer Austin, Capt. Ludsford Crew, Capt. Hoy Beverly, John Booth, Sonny Briggs, and Capt. Buddy Davis.

For several weeks there has been talk on the operations at Oregon Inlet Fishing Center changing hands to new management. This transition has now become reality and beginning on December 31, 2018 the marina will be operated by Oregon Inlet Marina instead of Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, Inc.

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At this time, the most important task of Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, Inc. is to express our appreciation to the customers over the past 45 years. Our customers include two groups. The first group is the men and women that have worked at OIFC and called the marina home. The second group is the general public that has visited the OIFC through the years.

Originally, OIFC was formed by many of the charter captains that operated their charter business in the marina. There captains started with a ditch in the marsh and created a marina known throughout the world. Competition amongst the captains was a driving force in their success and a passion for fishing was deeply embedded within each captain. Often quoted from visiting captains to our area is the willingness to work together as a fleet to provide the best possible day for the charter. This is a trademark that has been passed down from the beginning. Passion is something we are born with. All successful charter fishermen possess a passion for fishing and also a passion for sharing the experiences along the way. Over the years, the charter fleet at Oregon Inlet has racked up some impressive accomplishments. Tournament victories, record holders, inductees to the saltwater fishing hall of fame, the list goes on. When asked, most of the fishermen know the success is measured daily with the satisfaction of the clients and the ability to compete with each other. In the end, Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, Inc. is owned by stockholders but the reputation for success belongs to the men and women that have worked here. For that we say thank you.

For those that may not know, Oregon Inlet Fishing Center is located within the Cape Hatteras National Seashore and is owned by the National Park Service. By definition, the National Park Service was formed to preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and value of the national park system for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. This is a goal Oregon Inlet Fishing Center has strived to reach through the years with special attention to the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of the general public. During its time, the marina has hosted thousands of visitors. Currently, we offer experiences that include gulfstream charters, near shore charters, open boat charters, head boat charters, and dolphin watching tours. Many of our visitors have come simply to visit the docks and see their first tuna or admire the variety of locally built custom boats in operation. Regardless of the reason, Oregon Inlet Fishing Center has offered family and friends the opportunity to spend time together and make lasting memories. We have seen our customers return year after year and measure success in their patronage. For that we say thank you.

Through the years NPS has audited, inspected, and evaluated Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, Inc. on an annual basis. Our scores have consistently been high and we have met the requirements set by the NPS. Although we do not agree with the decision to change, all parties involved must move forward. The strongest asset at Oregon Inlet is the fleet and for now that will not change. We hope the customers of Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, Inc. will continue to experience all of the opportunities that were started so many years ago!


Captain Kenneth Brown

President Oregon, Inlet Fishing Center, Inc.


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