Governor Cooper vetoes voter ID bill

Published 7:07 am Saturday, December 15, 2018

On Friday, December 14, Governor Roy Cooper vetoed Senate Bill 824, An Act to Implement the Constitutional Amendment Requiring Photographic Identification to Vote.

Gov. Cooper shared the following veto message:

“Requiring photo IDs for in-person voting is a solution in search of a problem. Instead, the real election problem is votes harvested illegally through absentee ballots, which this proposal fails to fix.

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“In addition, the proposed law puts up barriers to voting that will trap honest voters in confusion and discourage them with new rules, some of which haven’t even been written yet.

“Finally, the fundamental flaw in the bill is its sinister and cynical origins: It was designed to suppress the rights of minority, poor and elderly voters. The cost of disenfranchising those voters or any citizens is too high, and the risk of taking away the fundamental right to vote is too great, for this law to take effect.

“Therefore, I veto the bill.”

Gov. Cooper also signed two bills into law Friday: House Bill 1025: GSC Technical Corrections 2018  and House Bill 1108: PED/Inmate Pharmacy Purchasing/Monitoring.