Letter to the Editor: Reader says support the wall

Published 11:14 pm Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Editor, The Coastland Times,

After watching President Trump’s address to the Nation last night [January 8], I believe that many citizens did not understand the President’s message.

Like it or not, he was elected to be the President of all American citizens.

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That group includes Independents, Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians alike.

When the President says that we need a wall on our southern border and has facts to back up his assertion, we as a country need to come together and support his mission. This is an American thing, not a political party thing.

As a country, we spend anywhere from 100 to 250 billion dollars (depends on who is providing the figures) to support illegal immigrants per year.

The wall would cost 25 to 50 billion dollars to build.

In my opinion, that is a bargain with a capital “B”!

The “wall” would also stem the flow of illegal drugs, criminals and terrorists.

Speaker Pelosi has mentioned that a wall is immoral.

In my opinion, abortion is immoral but she supports giving a half billion dollars to Planned Parenthood every year, the largest abortion mill in the country.

Senator Schumer said that The Statue of Liberty has welcomed immigrants for many years and is the opposite of a wall.

Sorry Senator, but the Lady in New York was welcoming legal immigrants, not illegals, something he forgot to mention.

Nobody likes a line jumper!

President Trump mentioned that many political figures have walls or fences around their homes.

Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and Maxine Waters all have barriers around their homes.

Harry Reid lives in a gated community with armed guards.

And former President Obama has a wall around his home, and recently added a chain link fence!

The answer to this dilemma has to come from the President and Congress.

And, as citizens, we can all pray that what comes out at the end will be for the better good of our country.

God bless America!

Thank you,

George J. Pitonyak

Kitty Hawk