PHOTO GALLERY: Nags Head Elementary School second graders create special arcade

Published 11:46 am Saturday, March 2, 2019

Nags Head Elementary School second graders enjoyed a lengthy project inspired by a documentary on YouTube called Caine’s Arcade. Jennette’s Pier education curator Christin Brown was so moved when she first saw the piece, she shared it with second-grade teacher Debbie Hester, who loved it. Hester then showed the video to media center coordinator Chelsea Brantley and together they decided to have the second-grade students create their own arcade.

The games included Shoot the Hoop, Target Master, Plinko, Speedball, Mini Golf Hawaii and Double Air Hockey. There was even a Dance Dance booth where the kids could go crazy doing The Floss and such. Under the guidance of Hester, Brantley and art teacher Cindy Wise, the children worked hard for three weeks on their games building them from castoffs such as cardboard, paper towel tubes, corks, string, packaging materials and outfitted with balls of all types, even homemade ones. They were also given guidance by Brown and additional pier educators Meredith Fish, Rachel Potts and Jenna Livernois.

Once everything was ready, the second graders invited in their parents to play the arcade games one evening. The entire project culminated Feb. 12 when every class (except pre-kindergarten) at Nags Head Elementary School was allowed to experience the arcades during school.  The school renamed their version of Caine’s Arcade to Wave Riders’ Arcade.

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