Letter to the Editor: What is happening in America?

Published 3:21 pm Saturday, April 13, 2019

To the Editor,

In 2020, the voters will decide whether our nation will keep the form of government we have today, or adopt a new system based on Democratic Socialism. The results of the election will have lasting impacts that will touch everyone’s life for generations to come. That is why it is vital that we clearly understand what is behind the choice we will be asked to make between Democracy and Socialism.

Democracy –

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Our system of Democracy is time tested. It has been handed down to us since the American Revolution. It is based on the premise of safeguarding individual freedom and the rights that come with it. Among them is the right to elect who will govern and how, when and where we can work in pursuit of the American dream.

Every individual who is willing to prepare and work hard can achieve a promising future based on their God given abilities and skills. Since the beginning of our nation, our economy has been market driven rather than driven by the government. This has given us a stable economy that is the best in the world. It has also given us the highest standard of living with more wealth, goods and services enjoyed by a higher percentage of people throughout our society than any other form of government in the world. We have been, and still are, the envy of the world.

Our democracy has also enabled us to be the most generous nation on earth. It is our market driven economy that enables the United States to be the first to respond anywhere in the world whenever people are in need as when a natural disaster or calamity occurs.

Socialism –

The other choice that is being pushed on us for the upcoming election is a form of socialism where voters will be asked to choose candidates advocating principles of Democratic Socialism and the Green New Deal.

Democratic Socialism promises Medicare for all, free college, guaranteed income whether one works or not and a bevy of other entitlements provided to everyone at no cost. With government supplying all these things for free, they will be able to control and manipulate our lives by limiting our freedom and opportunities in an unprecedented way.

The advocates of Democratic Socialism fail to tell us exactly how they are going to fund all the free entitlements they are promising and who is going to pay for them. They ignore the fact that experts estimate that just one of their entitlements, Medicare for all, will cost between 25 to 35 trillion over 10 years. This alone could lead to massive tax increases or bankruptcy.

History has shown us a lot about the disastrous effects of Socialism. It has clearly been a failure everywhere it has been tried. And, as we look around the world today, it is clear that countries with socialistic leaders are wobbling on the brink of economic disaster and social unrest.

Another socialistic idea being pushed for the 2020 election is the Green New Deal. This misguided approach for addressing worldwide environmental problems has a major flaw in that it would only apply to the United States. It is based on the notion that if this country does not adopt it now; the entire world will come to an end in 12 years because of global warming.

The Green New Deal calls for a ban on fossil fuels, which would ultimately result in no airplanes and no cars fueled by gasoline or diesel fuel. It would also sideline the trucks, tractors and farm machinery that fuel our economy. It also preaches that having children is immoral. Obviously, such a plan would destroy our economy and our way of life and put at risk our country’s safety and security.

I believe that global warming is a reality. But, I believe it is something that needs to be addressed by all the world’s nations and not just the United States, which accounts for only about 5% of the planet’s population. Forcing the Green New Deal on American voters will not solve the problem as long as other nations are the ones that are driving the problem in the first place.

I also believe that science and technology will help us cope with the climate issues we face. Innovative ideas such as carbon capturing, and technology yet to be developed, is what is needed. In addition to people taking better steps to reduce their adverse impact on the environment, we need to look to technology and innovation for the answer, not the government. To me the great threat facing the United States over the next 12 years is Socialism and the Green New Deal, not global warming.

The fate of our country’s future will be determined by the voters in 2020. I pray they will make the right decision based on facts and reality, not empty and unproven promises.

Jack Shea

Southern Shores, NC