Gig Line: Life is constantly changing

Published 9:37 am Saturday, April 20, 2019

Life is wonderful even with the quirky, weird-o and shocking things we see happen every day, case in point . . . the recent story about a bride who was offended because a guest wore his military uniform to her wedding. While I agree that a wedding is a big deal and the bride deserves showcasing, a United States military dress uniform is a “statement” in and of itself and we should all embrace it as equally worthy of admiration every day of the week and twice on Sunday! From all accounts, the serviceman was there to celebrate the wedding and proud of his uniform – he was not there to compete for attention. Heaven forbid someone would get negative attention for that – you know what I think? I say, let’s seat that fellow on the front row and show what real true love is!

Despite our differences, we still (or should) enjoy living life each day. Spending time with the people who make us smile, laugh and hold hands with make it a good day, always. Yes, we’ve all experienced the other side of life losing someone very close to our heart . . . a spouse or parent, a sibling, a friend . . . but we can still find peace in the Lord and sunshine in the morning. Even on rainy days, anticipation of that bright ray of light eventually peeking through the dark clouds is something we can count on.

Some days I’m consumed with missing Billy but at the same time, I appreciate so many things about life and countless simple things make me happy. Growing up in the 50s qualifies me as a “baby boomer” and that’s just plain awesome no matter how you slice it! And over time, I’ve come to realize and appreciate the profound greatness of yesteryear. Libraries, where we inhale the smell of old books and yellowed pages the minute you step inside enable us to “borrow” a book rather than buy it but now there’s the internet which has its perks as well – especially on rainy days and when “time is of the essence” research deadlines matter so much. Most of the information we seek is available by simple strokes upon a keyboard and we’re provided timely results with limited effort. How wonderful is that? TV? No more rabbit ears or tin foil wrapped around the antenna and programs reach far and beyond the 1950-60s imagination featuring every topic imaginable – now reality shows peak the public’s interest and watched daily or weekly depending – some about fishing in Alaska for dungeness crabs and some about catching yellow and blue fin tuna right here off our coast – some about survival of the fittest and to preparing every kind of food or desert you can imagine to veterinarian care of wild and domestic animals that we love and seek to protect. But on the other side, there are shows that promote the opposite end of marriage as we always knew it and rather than celebrating one spouse, we see a husband shared between 3-4 wives. What can I say? Life has changed in leaps and bounds, in some ways positively for the good and in others . . . well, you’re entitled to your own opinion.

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Life today is broadly expanded and full of opportunity into every realm. Through books, the internet, TV, radio and telephone we can learn more about the world than we ever dreamed and often times we think we have all the answers on how to solve our biggest problems – but there again all of us don’t know all the facts – and through dependable resources we can be enlightened or we can be fooled. Depending on how and where we consume information and then cull out the trash is sometimes daunting. Without a doubt, our zealous imagination or lack thereof is what excels us or holds us back. Our remembrances of what has kept us grounded and proud and holding hard and fast to the basics can lift us up or we can be destroyed by others depending on our goals and methods to succeed.

For so many years I’ve loved to write because I (like you) have a story to tell . . . we all have a story to tell. In my case, I feel deep gratitude to the Lord because I personally know His reality . . . God has shown Himself to me in one way or another at different times in my life and I pray that everything I write will be directed by Him to touch your life; to help you “feel the love.” I pray that you consider your talents, abilities and opportunities in which to help others during your walk through this life because I sure lean on Him to help me with mine.

My thankfulness for the husband I was blessed loving for 48+ years along with, our beautiful children and grandchildren, family, friends and each one of you too is heartfelt. When I write Gig Line, I ask His guidance, to write things that I’ll be proud of and meaningful to you to avoid wasting your precious time reading it. In today’s world we must discern what is real, conveyed and sincere. Writing embraces my other passions . . . veterans and our commercial fishing industry. I hope that when you read my columns, you know that I write the truth as I know it, see it and feel it.

Finally, if you look for Gig Line or Blended Waters and my column is not there, it is not because I don’t have anything to say – au contraire! I must depend on my work as an N. C. Realtor especially as a widow now so just know that if I miss an edition or two, I’m working on the next column! In the meantime though, look for the good in life, look in the eyes of someone who needs your help, prayers or comfort and do what you can for them so you’ll both be blessed; stand up for things that are good and right in the world, believe in yourself and believe that you can make a difference . . . because your life and your story whether written or told will!

Until next time, be happy, be safe and be proud . . . we are “one Nation under God” after all – can I hear an Amen? Love you all no matter if our opinions are east and west – we are all in this together. Stay tuned!