Shrimp trawl rules effective July 1

Published 4:41 pm Saturday, May 4, 2019

North Carolina Marine Fisheries Proclamation SH-1-2019 (Revised) adds portions of the Bay River to the areas covered by the proclamation and continues specific bycatch reduction device requirements for taking shrimp with trawls in Pamlico Sound and the Pamlico, Bay and Neuse rivers where up to 220 feet of combined headrope is allowed.

The proclamation is effective July 1.

Under the proclamation, it is unlawful to take shrimp with trawls with mesh lengths less than one and three-quarter inches and without authorized North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries Bycatch Reduction Devices (BRD) properly installed and operational in the tail bag/cod end of each net.

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The Bycatch Reduction Devices listed are Double Federal Fisheye and Virgil Potter BRD and one Florida Fish Excluder.

Gear restrictions do not apply to skimmer trawls or a single test trawl net (try net) with headrope length of 12 feet or less with a mesh size of one and one-half inches or greater, if the net is pulled immediately in front of another net or not connected to another net; if no more than one net is used at a time; and if the net is not towed as a primary net.