Proposed Hatteras text amendment draws attention

Published 10:59 am Sunday, June 9, 2019

On Monday, June 10, Dare County’s Planning Board will deal with request for a controversial text amendment.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room at 954 Marshall C. Collins Drive in Manteo.

The request is to add mixed use development as a conditional use to the zone C-2H, which applies only to Hatteras village.

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To accommodate Hatteras residents who wish to comment on the request, the Fessenden Center Annex in Buxton will be open and available for comment to the planning board. Public comment follows roll call and approval of minutes.

The C-2H request comes under new business as the end of the agenda.

As stated in the request, a mixed use development is “a planned development including those listed as permitted and/or conditional uses in the underlying district. The total conditioned area of all buildings shall be no less than 35% commercial.”

As pertains to the request, hotels and motels and multi-family housing are permitted uses in the C-2H district.

The request lists nine conditions:

Location: The request calls for the development to be located on a five-acre site with a minimum of 500 linear feet of frontage on the Atlantic Ocean and on NC 12.

Additional parcels: The request states parcels under common ownership but separated from the primary site by a highway or secondary road but within 500 feet of the primary site may be included in the development. “All included parcels shall be indicated on the development site plan.”

No site plan has been filed with this text amendment request.

Habitable floors: As proposed, a hotel could be seven floors with six floors with rooms and the top floor “may be added as a roof top amenity” covering only 30 percent of the sixth floor. Multi-family buildings would have four floors over the ground level parking.

Current C-2H has a maximum of three floors.

Building height: The proposal for hotels is 88 feet to the top plate of seventh floor with two feet allowed for flat roof, if the seventh floor amenity is selected. No change in multi-family conditions.

Current C-2H: 45 feet from grade to highest point. Residential structures: 52 feet in height overlay areas as measured from base flood.

Roof pitch: Pitched roofs 4/12 as the C-2H zones currently states. Hotel: flat roofs may be used with 1-inch in four feet to facilitate draining on top two floors. Multi-family: flat roof for fourth floor.

Lot coverage: Proposed is 70 percent for all of development including asphalt and concrete paving, covered porches and other surfaces impermeable to stormwater runoff. Permeable surfaces like pavers would not be include in the lot coverage calculation.

Current C-2H: 60 percent for commercial; 30 percent for residential. No allowance for permeable surfaces.

Parking: The request asks for a 20 percent parking reduction “accounting for multiple simultaneous uses.” Hotel parking is set at one space per hotel room; one additional space per three employees. No additional parking for restaurant, roof top lounge/bar and banquet facilities within the hotel. Multi-family parking calculated at one space per bedroom.

Current C-2H. Hotels: One and a half spaces per room and one per three employees. Dust free surface. Multi-family: one space per bedroom with 50 percent impervious.

Setback distances are not addressed in the proposal.

The last item in the submitted request says: “The need for housing affordable to the people that work at the development will be considered in the scope of the development through the conditional use process.”

The June 10 meeting is the first review of SAGA’s proposal. Planning director Donna Creef is recommending a formal hearing at the Planning Board for this proposal. If the Planning Board agrees, the meeting would likely be scheduled in July.

Once the Planning Board has a recommendation to approve or disapprove the request, that recommendation will be submitted to the Dare County Board of Commissioners.



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