Cooper takes bill action

Published 10:37 pm Sunday, August 25, 2019

Gov. Roy Cooper has vetoed two bills and signed two more into law.

On Aug. 21, Cooper vetoed HB 370 titled “An Act to Require Compliance with Immigration Detainers and Administrative Warrants.”

In his veto message, Cooper stated “This legislation is simply about scoring partisan political points and using fear to divide North Carolina. As the former top law enforcement officer of our state, I know that current law allows the state to jail and prosecute dangerous criminals regardless of immigration status. This bill, in addition to being unconstitutional, weakens law enforcement in North Carolina by mandating sheriffs to do the job of federal agents, using local resources that could hurt their ability to protect their counties. Finally, to elevate their partisan political pandering, the legislature has made a sheriff’s violation of this new immigration duty as the only specifically named duty violation that can result in a sheriff’s removal from office.”

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On Aug. 22, the governor vetoed HB 645 titled “Revisions to Outdoor Advertising Laws.” Cooper’s veto statement said: “Protecting the beauty and environment of North Carolina should be a top priority, but this legislation authorizes cutting down trees and other clearing work along roadways without the consent of nearby communities. Local governments should have more of a say in where their communities allow billboards.”

On Aug. 22, the governor signed two bills:

House Bill 217: Department of Information Technology Changes

House Bill 206: Various Transportation Changes