Reflections by the Sea: Reflecting

Published 9:18 am Monday, September 2, 2019

As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart. Proverbs 27:18

I recently saw the window in our photo today. It wasn’t remarkable in any way. It needed painting and was worn and weathered. But what did catch my eye was the exact reflection of the surrounding area. It was beautiful and interesting.

If we were to imagine just for a moment that we were all windows, what would we be reflecting to others? What have we surrounded ourselves with? What is in our hearts that flows outwardly? Would there be joy and light in our reflection? Would we be reflecting God’s love to those looking in? Reflections don’t lie.

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We may want to project a different reflection/image to others by altering our behavior, but ultimately, what is inside of us, what we think about, what we do, always comes out. Sadly, image has become so important in this day and time. The perfect marriage, the perfect job, the wonderful doting family, but godly wisdom says that no one person or one thing is perfect. Yet, many try to project perfection in hopes of being admired, albeit for the wrong reasons. And how often do we find the truth that behind the reflection is anything but perfection?

What lives in us and how we spend our time is what is seen. Children, grandchildren and friends are always observing us. Does our life and how we live each day inspire them to know Jesus? Are we a beacon of hope, faith and light to those searching for more? Are we advancing the kingdom with our actions? I think this week I am going to spend time thinking about what I am reflecting and does it glorify God.



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