Shelter animals need to be evacuated, SPCA seeks help

Published 1:01 pm Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Outer Banks SPCA staff is attempting to get out as many animals as they can into foster homes before Wednesday morning. With Hurricane Dorian forecast to impact the Outer Banks this week, an evacuation has been ordered and the SPCA is asking those who are able to foster pets during the storm threat.

Chrissea Rothrock is the interim director at the Dare County Animal Shelter, located at Driftwood Drive in Manteo, and explains during severe storms, the shelter is prone to flooding. The shelter needs to find temporary housing for the 25 dogs and 110 cats currently housed at the shelter.

As of Tuesday morning, a few fosters had been picked up, including Drama, a small kitten who will stay with Maddie Just in Kill Devil Hills. Many, many other shelter pets still need a place to stay, including Pearl and Sasha. Both are 10 year old female dogs who are great with people, but don’t get along with other dogs.


Sasha, 10, is seeking a foster home during Hurricane Dorian. Theresa Schneider photo

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Pearl, 10, is seeking a foster home during Hurricane Dorian. Theresa Schneider photo

Rothrock is asking those who decide to evacuate to please take a foster pet (and your own animals!) with you. Once the storm passes and you return, you can return the fosters to the shelter.

Those who decide to shelter in place will also be considered for temporary placement of the animals. The SPCA is also meeting with two out-of-area animal shelter groups who can temporarily house the shelter dogs and cats.

Rothrock says the most important thing people can do is to take their pets with them during an evacuation. Pet friendly hotels can be found by searching websites such as When inland evacuation shelters are opened, some will be pet friendly but pet owners should make sure their pets have current license and rabies tags. Designated pet friendly shelters generally require pet owners to feed and care for their animals.

Large animals such as horses and livestock take even more planning. In addition to medical records, a horse owner needs to know how they will transport their animals. They should have a plan.

Although most will evacuate when facing a major hurricane threat, some won’t. Some dogs and cats can become skittish as a storm approaches. Outdoor pets should be brought inside before a forecast storm is projected to affect the area. After a major storm, the area could be without electricity, water and a way to obtain necessities for days or even weeks. Those who don’t leave should make sure their pets have enough food and water for an extended period.

For information on fostering a pet during the evacuation, call the Dare County Animal Shelter at 252-475-5620.



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