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Published 10:06 am Sunday, October 6, 2019

Deanna McManus, born and raised in Illinois, sat with her grandmother on long winter days and learned everything there was to know about knitting and crocheting. “Now it’s in my blood,” she said. After years of perfecting her craft, McManus opened Yarn and More to help the community cultivate their knitting and crocheting skills, too.

Once she left the property management business, McManus purchased a storefront to sell yarn and houseware items. “It was hard trying to figure how what people wanted,” she admitted. After a while, the houseware items left and cross-stitching tools, crotchet hooks and crafting supplies took their place.

Yarn and More offers crotchet classes by appointment and knitting classes that are open to anyone wanting to learn new techniques and/or develop their skills. “There are people that come down from Virginia Beach to take our classes,” McManus said. Yarn and More has class schedules online as well as a weekly newsletter.

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McManus has been in business for five and half years and continually sees returning customers. “We are busier in the summer, but we have locals who are loyal and come in whenever they need help with something,” she said. To this day, McManus still meets residents that find her store after years of living in the Outer Banks.

There are ladies that stop in the store every now and again to drop off their scrap yarn. McManus takes the yarn to Nags Head Elementary for the kids to use in their art classes. If there is extra, she will bring the yarn to the local churches and daycares. People from Currituck will even come down and get her scrap fibers for their crotchet classes.

This year, McManus is hosting a raffle to honor one customer’s story. Karin Edmond comes in to crochet every Sunday. She grew up in Berlin, Germany during World War II. Food had to be dehydrated during this time due to a lack of funds for transportation of fresh items. This is when the famous “Candy Bomber” came to be.

Lt. Gail Halvorsen saw how the children of West Berlin, Edmond being one of them, were living on 750 calories a day. He started to send candy down as he would fly over during the Berlin Airlift. Col. Gail “Candy Bomber” Halvorsen and his crew will be at the 21st Annual Candy Drop in Manteo this December.

Edmonds has crafted an afghan that is being raffled off, with all benefits going to the 2019 Candy Bomber Event. The raffle tickets are $1 and the afghan can be viewed inside Yarn and More. This is the first year McManus and Edmond have teamed up to honor the historical event.

Yarn and More is open seven days a week and is located on S. Virginia Dare Trail in Nags Head. For more information on classes, the raffle and merchandise, visit



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