Songwriter Jamie Trent dedicates song to his favorite destination: Ocracoke

Published 9:27 am Saturday, October 12, 2019

Singer/songwriter Jamie Trent has tried to raise awareness for victims of Ocracoke through a song. “Destination Ocracoke” was written by the Lynchburg-local and David Kent to raise funds in order for residents to get back on their feet after Hurricane Dorian.

After visiting the Outer Banks on family vacations for over forty years, Trent and his family decided to go to Ocracoke. “It was the best trip of any I’ve been on,” Trent said. “It took my love for the island and multiplied it even more.” Once Trent heard about the damage to Ocracoke, his heart was broken. To try and help take away some of the heartache of those who lost their homes, Trent sat down and wrote his song.

“After being in this industry and talking with other songwriters, you never know what will catch fire,” Trent said regarding outlets such as social media. He has learned through the years that if you can “get an outlet to buy in and champion your cause, a lot of times it will catch like wildfire.” That was the hope for “Destination Ocracoke.”

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Since the song came out on iTunes, Amazon music and many other music apps, Trent has interviewed with several media sources to bring visibility to those suffering in Ocracoke. “CNN picked it up and ran with it, along with Headline News,” Trent said. “Anything I can do to help bring awareness to this issue, I am grateful for.”

“Destination Ocracoke” is available for $.99. All proceeds will go to the Ocracoke Disaster Relief Fund. Trent is “cautiously optimistic” that the song will generate a decent amount of funds for the community.

Trent has relatives that work in the Outer Banks, which connects him even more to the area. “My brother works at the Wright Memorial. He is retired Navy and is now in the Park Service. Thankfully, he was safe during the storm,” Trent said.

To purchase Trent’s song, visit For more information on how make a donation for this cause, visit the Outer Banks Community Foundation website at



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