Hyde County Schools announces make-up days

Published 5:48 am Thursday, October 31, 2019

Early on Wednesday, Oct. 30, Superintendent of Hyde County Schools Stephen Basnight released a statement on missed days from Hurricane Dorian:

“By law, we are required to have planned emergency make-up days in our calendar. There are 2 ‘Non-Days,’ one in the fall and one in the spring, in the calendar for the purpose of making-up any school days missed. Next Friday, November 8th was originally scheduled on the calendar as a ‘Non-Day.’ All schools in Hyde County missed 3 school days. Ocracoke school missed a total of 22.5 days, but we were able to get the legislature to waive 20 of those days.

“We requested that the Board of Education allowed us to switch our November 8th Non-School Day with one of the days we missed for Hurricane Dorian (Monday, September 9th), and it was approved. Therefore, next Friday, November 8th will now be a regular full (student) day in all Hyde County Schools.”

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