Gig Line: A happy provocation . . .

Published 5:08 am Friday, November 8, 2019

No matter what side of the fence you’re on politically – and maybe you’re not – on one side or the other . . . yet . . . or maybe you’re straddling the fence but whichever the case, you’re probably still feeling (like everybody else I’ve talked to) the stress of what’s going on in our nation.

I don’t share my personal views about politics or candidates through Gig Line, though believe me when I say I unequivocally support a contender, but my point is that the stress of all this hurts all of us. In view of everyday news, my BFF Alma “Bibber” Clark shared something with me yesterday that I want to pass along to you.

She said after she had been talking to the Lord, like she does faithfully every morning, the thought crossed her mind about her thankfulness for the world in which we live and she’s right . . . the world even with all this mess is a beautiful blessing to all of us. And with that, she added that she had listened to one of her favorite songs – you probably know it well – by Louis Armstrong “What A Wonderful World.” Have you all listened to it lately? Like my dear friend, I love it too and for some reason, every time I hear it sung by Mr. Armstrong, the tears roll. It does something to me to hear a song about the world and its majesty; the flowers and the sky, the rainbow, friends shaking hands, a baby’s cry and about the love between people.

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The words of that song bring me back to happy thoughts and thankfulness; to all that surrounds us and to a renewed appreciation for the earth and all her glory. We live every single day on this side of heaven in a picture . . . a living artist’s rendering that God created for us. The beauty of nature is everywhere and with even a slight turn of our head. What our eyes behold in our country (especially) is simply beyond words and the beauty in others? In good, kind, generous people who put others needs ahead of their own? who sacrifice their comforts, their safety, their pleasures . . .for others? Taking in my friend’s comments reminded me of the times I take so much for granted: the ocean, the sounds, the wetlands, the fowl of the air and the people I love to lay my eyes on all of it, also on our veteran and active duty men and women who have served our nation, protected our home and in doing so sacrificed limbs and their very own life – for us. So, if you have a minute or two, search out his song somewhere and listen to it. Soak it in and be thankful. Our veterans, our world, our people are much to be thankful for. And, once you’re in that peaceful, happy state of mind consider something fun to do next week – something that will lift you up, make you smile and just plain feel good inside! How you ask?

First! Next Thursday night, November 7 to be exact. Please make every effort to join in with other good company for an event to be held at the Secret Island Tavern (formerly the Port O’Call) at MP 9 in Kill Devil Hills. Country music artists Keith Anderson and Ray Scott (Tennessee) will perform at the Outer Banks Veterans Concert. Doors open at 7 p.m. and music will begin at 7:30 p.m. Yippee! Tickets are only $15 for general admission and $10 for veterans, active duty military and their family members. All proceeds will fund the Veterans Writing Project which returns to the Outer Banks again this year on November 9 and 10. To buy online tickets or to register for the writing workshop, visit or you can purchase tickets at the door. It’ll be fun – great music, entertaining artists and a night to remember. Don’t miss it folks!

Then, Friday and Saturday, November 8/9 come get your Dare County Veteran Discount Card (criteria? that you either reside in Dare County or own property – improved/unimproved) in Dare County; bring your DD-214 showing honorable discharge and a driver’s license or picture ID between the hours of 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. where I’ll be issuing the free cards during the Island Holiday Craft Show at Manteo First Assembly – Youth House, 812 Wingina Ave. in Manteo.

Also, I hope as a veteran you have either already attended or have signed up to attend this year’s outstanding Outer Banks Veterans Writing Workshop! I can attest to the great value that workshop meant to my sweet veteran husband, Billy. As a veteran’s wife and widow . . . it made a difference in his life!

Until next time, be happy, be safe and be proud! Love each other and love yourselves . . . you veterans are pretty wonderful, you know! God bless you and your beautiful families! Write or call ne through: or cell: 252-202-2058. Stay tuned!