Fry concedes: ‘Not the way I want to win’

Published 6:23 am Friday, November 22, 2019

Minutes before the Dare County Board of Elections was about to conduct a coin toss or other game of chance to break a tie vote in the Manteo Board of Commissioners election, incumbent Hannon Fry conceded.

Fry had seen a two vote election day lead over challenger Jason Borland evaporate after a provisional vote was cast for Borland and another vote cast by a non-resident was thrown out. After a recount on Friday, November 15 confirmed Fry and Borland were tied at 153 votes, the election board announced they would use a coin toss or similar game of chance to decide the election.

Fry, who didn’t attend the recount, entered the room and sat next to Borland. As the board prepared to conduct the tie breaker, Fry made his surprise announcement. He said a coin toss was not the way he wanted to win. “No coins, no [names in] hats, no straws” to decide the election. “I love this town [Manteo],” he said. Fry added it was a family decision.

Hannon Fry, left, and Jason Borland. Gregory Clark photo

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After Fry and Borland exchanged a handshake and pleasantries, Borland, a political newcomer, praised Fry for his long fourteen years of service on the board. “He gave it to me,” said Borland. With the last of the three board seats in the Manteo election decided, Borland will join election day winners Betty Selby and reelected commissioner Darrell Collins to begin their terms.



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