Tyrrell tax collector reports on October receipts

Published 10:21 am Saturday, November 23, 2019

Tyrrell County property owners paid the tax collector $166,695 during October, Sylvia Brickhouse, tax administrator, reported to the county commissioners on Nov. 5.

$129,499 was applied to the real estate tax and $17,825 to the solid waste collection fee for the 2019 fiscal year that ended last June 30.

The balance was credited to prior years dating back to 2010.

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Delinquent accounts – anything before 2019 – accrue interest and fees monthly. Interest payments during October amounted to $2,167 and fees were $78.

At month’s end the amounts owed the county were $3,087,630 for 2019; $129,146 for 2018; $79,331 for 2017 and lesser amounts dating back to 2001 – $3,518,466 total.

The LCID fee, which was first levied in 2017, had an outstanding balance of $61,700 at Oct. 31. $3,191 was collected during October, of which $2,854 was applied to the 2019 account. The fee is for maintenance of the Land Clearing and Inert Debris (LCID) site on Smith Lane.



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