Khan’s Mongolian Grill, where the choice is yours

Published 4:32 am Thursday, December 19, 2019

With the going gets tough, the tough get going. This holds true for Fuji Japanese Steakhouse after experiencing a major fire back in 2017. The restaurant had to close its doors for ten months. During that time, the brains behind the business came together and a new concept blossomed.

Jeremiah Miller, co-owner and operator of Fuji, said that they almost lost everything to that fire: “It was a substantial fire; like, almost took the entire building down fire.” Instead of succumbing to the painful truth that the restaurant would not be able to open for almost a year, Miller and his co-founder of seven years Jack Chen decided to start working on another project.

From this near-tragedy, Khan’s Mongolian Grill was born. Miller said the concept for this create-your-own bowl style restaurant stemmed from a business that he regularly visited in Chesapeake. “It’s called Warrior’s Grill,” Miller said. Miller noticed that there was no restaurant like it in the Outer Banks, so he worked with Chen on bringing this new idea to the beach.

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Miller and Chen took the concept of Warrior’s Grill and revamped it. They spent a lot of time perfecting how the restaurant would work and where it would be. “We were going to open next to the YMCA, but that fell through,” Miller said. “The person who had originally signed the lease here backed out. Then the developers for this building gave us the opportunity to come in and we grabbed it.”

Khan’s opened in Kill Devil Hills right down the street from Fuji on Oct. 23 of this year. With the building’s bright green color with red and white accents, it stands out from the crowd.

“It took a significant amount of time to build this restaurant, but it was well worth it because we got an amazing location and the building looks great,” Miller said.

Khan’s is unique in its approach. Once customers arrive, they are greeted by a host and are seated in the dining room. The server will take their drink and soup order. Each guest then receives a card with base options for their bowl, such as fried rice or white rice, naan or tortillas. There is a single bowl option and an unlimited option.

Miller said he wanted more options for his customers when it came to their food choices. Proteins such as chicken, beef, pork and shrimp are available, along with several other meat selections. Vegetables in every size and color come next in line, followed by fruit, spices and sauces.

Once the customer has filled their bowl with their selections, they hand their card and the bowl to a chef who will cook all the food on a large flattop grill. Within minutes, customers will have their drinks, soup and hot bowls in front of them at the table to enjoy.

“We have a pretty successful hibachi, the only one on the beach,” Miller said, “but this is something brand new that we are proud of.” All ingredients are made fresh and Miller said he tries to source as locally as he can.

At Khan’s, the choice truly is yours. “I’ve seen all kinds of combinations of bowls,” Miller said. He urges everyone to come in and try it for themselves.

Khan’s is open for lunch and dinner daily, and is located at 101 E Atlantic Street in Kill Devil Hills.



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