Letter to the Editor: Open letter from Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men

Published 2:10 am Saturday, December 21, 2019

December 2019

Dear Friends,

Our 41st year has been fulfilling and challenging for the Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men. In addition to providing emergency financial assistance and a food pantry for the needy, Hurricane Dorian visited in September.

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Immediately after the storm we deployed three Early Response Teams, supplemented with other volunteers.

There were 449 requests for help as a result of flooding and wind damage in the villages from Avon to Hatteras. Fortunately, we had excellent help from local sources, off island volunteers, especially the Baptist Men, other relief agencies, and local government. Within about three weeks, the most urgent needs on Hatteras Island were met. Although we were not able to deploy teams to Ocracoke some of our members and neighbors used small boats to send immediate help.

Now, with the outside agencies gone, we’re into the long-term recovery phase. During the early response we helped with all urgent needs without question. However, for rebuild we require means-testing to ensure that we’re helping those without the means to help themselves. We currently have about 24 active projects on our work list. We’re also pursuing long term solutions for repeat victims.

We hope to get more homes raised and to find ways to replace some of the substandard ones, especially old mobile homes. To this end, we’re helping the owners pursue individual FEMA grants and partnering with our United Methodist Conference Committee on Relief and the Outer Banks Community Foundation. We will probably be co-investors in some projects which help people avoid repeated devastations.

In addition, we will continue to provide emergency financial assistance and food for those affected by unemployment, illness, injury, or other events out of their control.

As always, we’re blessed to have our loyal supporters such as you backing our dedicated volunteers. This combination is very powerful. We’re unique in that our all-volunteer group also pays for all operating expenses ourselves, so that we can honor the promise that 100% of your emergency assistance donations goes to help the needy on Hatteras Island. Our long-standing partnership with Dare County Social Services helps us find and screen the truly needy, ensuring that your gift is used wisely.

We anticipate that our 42nd year will also be one of service. Please continue your support with your tax-deductible donations mailed to P.O. Box1591, Buxton, NC 27920 or visit our website for an electronic payment option. www.hatterasmethodistmen.org.

The Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men and the people of Hatteras Island thank you!

Dennis Carroll, Director

Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men