Merry and bright display at the Borzellino residence

Published 6:03 am Saturday, December 28, 2019

For the past seven years, a residence tucked away on 7th Avenue in Southern Shores has been lighting up the street with its Christmas display. Paul and Carla Borzellino have been welcoming guests from around the country to their home around Christmas for a long time.

Turning onto 7th Avenue after dark, you will immediately notice some lights in the distance. As you travel farther down the road, one house starts to come to life. From the bottom floor all the way up to the crow’s nest, the Brozellino house is covered in lights.

In their backyard, Paul and Carla have every character, animal and Christmas-related inflatable you could imagine. They have several tiny villages set up on the patio and cones to lead the way to this massive Christmas display. Even their dog Cinnamon dresses for the occasion with her reindeer antlers on.

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“We used to do this where we used to live,” Paul explained, “but no one ever came to see it besides our family.” Carla and Paul moved from Warrington, Va. to the Outer Banks in 2012.

Since they started putting on the display for everyone to come see, Paul said it’s been impossible to stop. “I’m obsessed with it; we add more to it every year,” he said.

Some of the additions are from Paul and Carla, but at this point, most are gifts from visitors or family members that find something the couple does not have on display yet.

“About a third [of the people that come] are repeat visitors,” Paul said. “Many are surprised that they had not discovered our display sooner. We have also received emails and cards from folks expressing thanks and plans to come future years.”

It makes sense that the Borzellinos’ Christmas display is worth the return: by adding new things every year, allowing guests to come and walk through their driveway and backyard and even leaving out cookies for the visitors, the house is welcoming and fun for all ages.

“The greatest joy seeing and hearing people’s (big and small people) reactions to the overall display,” Paul said. His favorite part of the display is the “challenge of the icicle lights on the house.” Paul said he feels accomplished after this part is done.

Carla’s favorite part is the villages. These “magical” little figurines line two whole tables in backyard. This year, Paul and Carla put together a Disney display, with Mikey Mouse and friends resting on the “snow-covered” boards.

There are inflatables for everyone, from the traditional reindeer, to characters from Star Wars, to Frozen snow globes and even a fishing Santa that floats in their pool.

This year, Paul said some nights he’ll have around 130 people come through the backyard and see the display. Everyone is invited to come see Paul, Carla and Cinnamon’s house on 7th Ave.