Nags Head accepts bid from RPC Contracting for multi-use path

Published 6:28 am Saturday, January 4, 2020

On Dec. 11, the Nags Head Board of Commissioners met for a recessed session to discuss a contract award for a multi-use path bid and associated contract.

Town manager Cliff Ogburn presented the results of the bidding and contract for the project. “On Thursday [Dec. 5] we opened the bids for the next phase of construction for the multi-use path,” he said. Phase “8A” deals with the construction of 4,007 linear feet (l.f.) of a 10’ wide concrete path on the west side of US Hwy. 158.

This phase of the path will run from Sounside Rd. to Danube St. in association with the construction of 760 lf of a 6’ wide concrete pathway along the east side of US Hwy 158.

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Ogburn said the town had received three bids: from RPC Contracting, Barnhill Contracting and Hatchell Concrete. The “lowest responsive, responsible bidder” was RPC. “RPC has done a portion of the path already, so they’re familiar with it,” Ogburn said.

The total bid amount from RPC was $472,340. With a 10% contingency, the total proposed contract budget is $520,000. Ogburn said the bid was “under the formal threshold” and the town is well within budget for the next phase of construction.

“We are ready to start work,” Ogburn added. The only permit he is waiting for is from DOT. The project is set to commence on January 13 and has a completion date of April 13. “It’s a small window,” Ogburn said, “but that’s the way they [RPC] bid.”

With no comments from the board, commissioner Webb Fuller made a motion to authorize Ogburn to issue a Notice of Award to RPC Contracting and all member were in favor.

In addition to the contract consideration for the multi-use path, Mayor Ben Cahoon introduced an opportunity presented to him by Randy Sturgill, senior campaign organizer with the Oceana organization.

This opportunity, known as “friend of the court,” would serve to “give us an opportunity to provide information to the court and to establish a position as a municipality to be opposed to certain activities,” such as seismic air gun blasting used for offshore oil and gas, Cahoon said.

Attorney John Leidy informed the board that he had not yet been in contact with Brian Edes, an attorney with Crossley McIntosh & Collier serving as legal counsel for those that wish to join in this campaign. Leidy said he wanted confirmation from Edes about adding the town’s name to become a “friend of the court.”

Fuller also commented that the board should take some time to read the document and perhaps consider drafting a document of their own, so that the board was in agreement.

Cahoon decided to withdraw the consideration until the January meeting due “so we can have certainty of this information,” he said.

Commissioner Renee Cahoon was not in attendance. The next Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for Jan. 8 and 9 a.m.