Reflections by the Sea: Serving in the New Year

Published 4:48 am Sunday, January 12, 2020

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many. – Mark 10:45

What a year! What a decade! The calendar is closed on the past and we move forward in hopes of good things in our future.

Everywhere I have turned this week the message has been “to serve.” The book of Mark shows us the many ways that Jesus served people. What a wonderful example of how He put others first and himself last. Christmas is barely behind us. Did you notice how gratifying it was to give rather than to receive? To bless someone, expecting nothing in return?

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A divine appointment puts us in places we wouldn’t normally be. It is for a purpose. Perhaps we are to serve God through giving a kind word, a helping hand, pressing a few dollars into the hand of another. It is limitless what God can do through us and where He will place us. Be alert and wise to the disappointments and discouragements that invariably will come. They may be disguised as a divine appointment. I have another surgery and several weeks of radiation to come in a few weeks. I am actually looking forward to what God has waiting for me. The new people that will be in the same situation as me that I will sit alongside of in a waiting room. My experience having gone through this in the past says there will be acquaintances made, conversations had and encouragement shared. Wherever God places us in this new year, let’s be grateful as God knows what is best for us at the end of the day. Let our works, our life, our attitude glorify God. Happy New Year!

Betsy Ore Glass has long-standing ties to the Outer Banks. From Virginia Beach, her family bought a vacation cottage in the 60s and her love of the area began. Later in the 90s, Betsy and her husband bought a weekend cottage and introduced the area to their children. Then Betsy’s parents retired to KDH where the family gathered often. Reach her at or read additional Reflections at



Reflections by the Sea: The New Year

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