Letter to the Editor: Something missing in the media

Published 8:31 am Thursday, May 21, 2020

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To The Editor,

Seems there’s something missing now in the media that surprises me and perhaps you too. What seems to be missing is the notion that the press plays a hugely important role in trying to uncover and report the facts in this horrific situation we all find ourselves in. Often it seems when reasonable questions are asked at a press conference to our Commander and Chief, he scoffs, ignores or simply overlooks the reporter or often worse calls the reporter a part of the “fake news.”

What’s missing is there is no solidarity on the news front! Why are these reporters not banding together to get honest and accurate answers? Regardless of who’s in office I believe there’s a responsibility by the media to not only report the facts but more importantly to uncover the truth.

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It’s my opinion that the media plays a major role in our democracy. Without an honest investigation of the accuracy of the facts by an unbiased, apolitical body which I believe the majority of the news media is today, is tantamount to mussel ling a branch of our government.

For God sakes Media Suits band together for accurate answers because many of the answers we’re getting from our President are simply wrong. Your job as I see it is to help straighten this out now! For him to walk out, insult reporters and pout without an honest and complete answer should be unacceptable.

Gary Ferguson
Nags Head