Manteo High School graduate Kyle Soles receives football scholarship to ECSU

Published 3:47 pm Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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Kyle Soles recently graduated from Manteo High School and has made a name for himself as a student athlete.

“I’ve played sports since I was 4 years old,” said Kyle. He competed in football, basketball and track and field throughout his time at MHS. Sports were always a big part of his life and pushed him to the next level.

Billie Soles, Kyle’s mother, said her son has always been motivated and very athletic, which led him to pursue college football. Sports were a driving factor for Kyle in that he knew in order to attend practices and participate in games, he needed to do his best in school.

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“He’s polite, kind and generous . . . Kyle always loves to be busy and he’s very smart,” Billie shared. His competitive drive led him to go to class starting in elementary school. Billie said that when Kyle was younger, he would win a trophy for going to school all year. As he got older, sports were the name of the game.

His high school football coach Sport Sawyer said that he was with Kyle through football and track. “He played center, guard and tackle, which means he could play really anywhere on the offensive line,” Sawyer said regarding Kyle’s football career.

“He is a very pleasant young man, smiles a lot and works hard. He’s just got a good attitude about him and I’ve never really heard him complain,” Sawyer shared.

Sawyer was also one of Kyle’s teachers at MHS and complimented his GPA and academic endeavors: “He’s the kind of guy that did what he was supposed to, and did it to the best of his ability.”

“I didn’t want to miss out on any educational opportunities,” Kyle told The Coastland Times. “I want to get all the information and knowledge I can and take advantage of the free education.”

Kyle attended school every day for thirteen years, however he missed some class periods, so was not recognized for perfect attendance. He has received a scholarship to Elizabeth City State University for football, where he will start his college career in the fall. ECSU is covering the cost of Kyle’s books and tuition.

Kyle said that through school, he has learned to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. “If you have the chance to do something, get involved with a group or club, do it because that could help you in an area you didn’t know you needed,” he said.

Anthony Jones, head football coach at ECSU, said he’s looking for Soles to come in and “add some depth to the roster and solidify the playing field.”

As for what to expect the first year, Jones said his coaches come in and teach the athletes not only how to be the best they can on the field, but build character off the field as well. “We want to make sure that as they grow older, their character increases as well.”

He added, “We want them to respect people and get people to respect them too, not just because they are a football player but because of how they carry themselves and talk to people. We want these kids to work hard and be the best person they can be…that will carry them a lot longer than their football career.”



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