Hyde County Schools superintendent extends welcome as school year begins

Published 3:08 pm Monday, August 17, 2020

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To the Parents and Families of Our Hyde County Schools:

The Teachers, Staff, and Administrators of Hyde County Schools are thrilled to be able to say, “Here We Go!” Many of you have already been to the school to fill out your required paperwork and pick up your student’s devices. Thank you for wearing your face coverings, maintaining social distancing, and washing your hands or using hand sanitizer!

Every decision we have made that has gotten us to this point has come from the desire to keep all of our students and staff as safe and healthy as is possible. I can assure you, as we move forward into this school year, that constant desire will motivate and drive our every decision.

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We all agree that having students in classrooms with their teachers is the absolute ideal situation for teaching and learning, at least that’s how we have all been taught and learned to learn! But starting today, we are opening a new version of providing learning for our students and we see that new version having a world of new possibilities and opportunities!

We would like to assure you of several things: 1) We are not going to ask you to teach your students, that is our job and I have complete confidence in our staff’s ability to provide quality instruction to our students ; 2) Our staff is going to provide academic and technology support for our parents and students; 3) We are going to have set classroom schedules for your students that do not require them to sit in front of a computer screen for 7.5 hours every day; 4) Our staff is going to begin this school year by “teaching” their students “how-to do” remote learning, covering such topics as: turning their device on, log-ins, specific sites, organization, time management, providing feedback, asking questions, and reflecting on their work.

What we would like to ask of you: 1) Get your students on a regular schedule. Have them up and ready for class. Our daily schedule will be very similar to our Plan B Schedule when we return to more in person learning; 2) Encourage your students to try, just like you have to do when they are taking in person classes. If they say, “I can’t do this,” make them add the word, “YET” to the end of that sentence; 3) Be patient with both your students and their teachers. There may be bumps in the road, but we have all driven over a few bumps and kept going; 4) Be flexible. Things are changing so rapidly that we will inevitably be making adjustments along the way; 5) Communicate with us and ask questions. Reach out for help when you or your student needs it. We are going to be there!

We love our students and we want this to work for them. We will get back to in person instruction. No one is telling us that is not going to happen. So when we do, think about how much stronger our ability to personalize what each individual student needs, because of what we are doing right now! Thank you for your suggestions, input, patience, and continued support!

Best Wishes,

Steve Basnight, Superintendent Hyde County Schools