Weekly Devotion – John 7:11

Published 8:47 pm Monday, September 14, 2020

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By Mike Caton

John 7:11, Now at the festival the Jewish leaders were watching for Jesus and asking, “Where is he?”

John has made the point very clear the Jewish leaders are looking for a way to kill Jesus. That is the reason Jesus chose not to go ahead to the festival but to go later, quietly. Again, Jesus is in submission to his father and willing to do things on God’s timing. But there is a faction there that is looking for Jesus, and they are up to no good.

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I cannot help but wonder; how hard are we, am I, looking for Jesus? Maybe we think we have already found him. Our parents took us to church as children, we made our commitment years ago, we live in a Christian nation, a Christian community, we are even members (not that we attend too often) of a local church. And yet, our lives do not match up with the Bible’s image of what a Christian is, how a Christian lives, thinks, and acts. But we don’t focus on those things, we convince ourselves we are OK, because we want the good feeling.

Or maybe we are living the Christian life; active in a church, not drinking, cussing, smoking, wearing makeup, or whatever else it is we decide befits a Christian. We think; no, we know, we have found Jesus and we are on our way to heaven. We humbly need to recognize the fact that we always need more Jesus, there is always more to learn, and there are always areas in our lives where we are holding back. We need to fully commit ourselves to finding more and more about Jesus, and not just finding the facts, but putting those facts into actions and living the life Jesus has called us to live.

Father, help me always want to be closer to you. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Mike Caton is the preacher at Mount Olive Church of Christ in Belhaven. He volunteers at the Ponzer Fire Department and works part time with Hyde County EMS. If you would like to receive daily devotions in your inbox, email mikecaton@centurylink.net.



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