Letter to the Editor: Reader says Judge ‘can help us do better’

Published 11:53 am Thursday, October 22, 2020

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To the Editor:

I’m a small business owner and healthcare advocate with extensive experience as a caregiver, and I support Tess Judge. Why?

Bob Steinburg, has stated, “Democrats are cheering hospital layoffs because they hope to score political points, which is sad.”

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I’d like to say loud and clear; I’m not cheering. I’ve been mostly isolating and struggling to feel optimistic for months. Steinburg also fought against Medicaid expansion in our state, depriving many of healthcare coverage, and it turns out, it’s needed now more than ever.

On a positive note, I recently heard Tess Judge speak at a Zoom meeting. She’s running against Bob Steinburg for the NC Senate District 1 seat, and I felt inspired by her confidence, energy, and commitment to expand healthcare resources to every inch of Eastern NC. As a resident of Nags Head, I applaud her. “We need resources in every county!” she said, and I agree. “We need leaders, not followers to communicate and collaborate.” Bravo!

Tess is a civic leader, professional, and a woman of faith and poise. She didn’t disparage her opponent with nasty nicknames, but clearly presented her platform, relaying her experience as a businesswoman, a champion of the environment and supporter of public education. She possesses the expertise to help revitalize our economy. She says “We can do better,” and her calm, measured demeanor will help us do better. It’s time to build bridges and get to work. When you vote, please say “Yes” to Tess!

Rosemary Rawlins

Nags Head