Letter to the Editor: Reader views governors in wind collaboration as ‘embarrassingly misinformed’

Published 11:20 pm Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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To the Editor:

Fact oriented readers will view a recent Coastland Times article announcing collaboration among North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland governors, concerning offshore wind, as displaying far more conviction than knowledge.  For example, claiming “environmental benefits,” “creating clean energy,” labeling all greenhouse gasses as “air pollutants,” and suggesting a “fight against climate change” (whatever that means), are either false, delusional, or both.

As a decades-long student of energy and environmental science and engineering, I view these East Coast governors to be as embarrassingly misinformed as the three West Coast governors who, often masquerading as energy knowledgeable, lecture the public on topics about which they demonstrably show little or no understanding.

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Many readers will remember when, many decades ago, similarly misinformed politicians preached about a mythical oil crisis and its fake derivative, a now mostly forgotten energy crisis.  Subsequently, a contrived man-made global warming crisis sprouted up that, in the absence of empirical data, has now mostly vanished only to be replaced by the aforementioned “fight against climate change.” This so-called fight involves erection of windmills and reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as key weapons of choice in this farcical fight. However, nowhere on Earth has wind-generated electricity, offshore or onshore, proven to display net benefits while simultaneously punishing taxpayers, ratepayers and, especially, our environment.

Clear thinking and plain speaking folks will aptly ignore the man-made climate change bugaboo as simply rubbish showing no tipping points, supporting no run-away greenhouse effect, and thus constituting no “climate crisis.”

M. S. Medeiros, Jr.

Kitty Hawk