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State and local COVID-19 case count update; additional COVID-related death reported in Dare

When the first vaccine is approved at the national level, North Carolina will receive 85,000 doses. The distribution by the federal government will be every week.

In accordance with its distribution plan, the first doses will go to hospital healthcare workers. Next in line will be long-term care residents and health care providers. By January 2021, North Carolina expects to be moving to other high risk adults with two more chronic conditions.

Governor Roy Cooper has confidence in the approval process. When his time comes for a coronavirus vaccination, “I’ll be ready to roll up my sleeve.”

On Dec. 1, North Carolina added 2,883 new COVID-19 cases.

On the same date, 2,033 North Carolinians were hospitalized with coronavirus, a new record for the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in North Carolina.

As of Tuesday, 5,284 people in North Carolina have died as a result of COVID-19.

Across the state, occupied ICU beds number 1,888. Hospitals report 496 ICU beds staffed but empty. Inpatient hospital beds number 15,411 occupied with 5,552 empty but staffed.

Supplies of personal protective equipment are steady at the state level.

Personal protective equipment supplies are stable. For procedural masks, the state has a 172-day supply and for gowns a 350-day supply.

Updates from local counties

Dare County – Coronavirus cases continue to increase in the county.

According to the Dec. 1 COVID-19 dashboard, Dare County added eight cases.

On Nov. 25, the cumulative total of lab-confirmed cases in Dare County passed the 1,000 mark by eight. On Thanksgiving, the total number of cases reached 1,028. On Dec. 1, the cumulative total was 1,067.

On Dec. 1, Tuesday, 79 Dare Countians had active positive cases, with 70 in home isolation and nine in hospitals. Two non-residents are in isolation within Dare County.

On Dec. 1, Dare County Health and Human Services reported one more death, bringing the cumulative total to five Dare County deaths attributed to the coronavirus. The person was in the 70s age bracket.

The percent of positive COVID-19 tests is 7.17%.

In the Tuesday update, Dare County Health and Human Services reported:

– The primary way people are acquiring the virus is by close contact with an infected individual. 75% of the new cases in November acquired the virus by direct contact.

– The majority (91%) of individuals infected with COVID-19 are symptomatic.

– The majority (75%) of new cases are residents. The spread of the virus is not indicating tracking from non-resident to resident or vice versa. The virus is predominantly spreading between people who know each other well, from friends to friends and family members to family members.

In the state’s new county alert system, Dare County is orange, showing substantial community spread. Orange is the middle rating of three.

Hyde County – In Hyde County on Nov. 30, the total number of cases increased by three to 187 people. Three cases are considered active positive. The county notes 179 recoveries and deaths remain at five people. On the state’s new county alert system, Hyde County is yellow, showing significant community spread. Yellow is the lowest of the three ratings.

Tyrrell County – On Nov. 30, Martin-Tyrrell-Washington Health District reported that Tyrrell County’s total, cumulative case number is 142. Some 137 people have recovered. On Nov. 30, two cases were active. Three individuals have died in the county due to coronavirus. On the county alert system, Tyrrell County is yellow, showing significant community spread.

Camden, Currituck, Pasquotank counties – As of Nov. 30, 2020, Albemarle Regional Health Services published the following case information:

Camden: 186 lab-confirmed cases, with 26 cases now active. Some 156 people have recovered. Camden County has lost four people to the coronavirus. Camden is experiencing substantial community spread noted with orange, which is the middle rating of the three on the county alert system.

Currituck: 332 lab-confirmed cases. Some 61 cases are active. Currituck County has lost five people to coronavirus. Currituck is yellow on the on the county alert system.

Pasquotank: 1,104 lab-confirmed cases. Active cases number 150. Deaths remain steady at 35 people. In the county alert system, Pasquotank is orange, signifying substantial community spread.



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