Gig Line: Principle – does it even matter anymore?

Published 5:59 pm Thursday, March 18, 2021

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve come to hear, read or have seen significant changes to the workings of our nation. Some are not only unsettling but unbelievable to me.

I have said this before – several times – I’m a conservative, a proud conservative. I have also said that it is or has always been our choice as to how we live; how we take care of our bodies; our money; our families and who we vote for, because we can (or used to) think for ourselves, right? After all, our mind, our heart and our soul are our own and created by Almighty God, right? People have had differences of opinion for a gazillion years as to political figures, platforms, points of view and individual goals and that has always seemed fair and acceptable, right?

But within the last few weeks, it’s been said that some businesses would no longer offer or promote products manufactured by other businesses because of their support of candidate(s). With all that business owners have gone through due to COVID-19, are you serious? Well-established businesses, some of which I’ve patronized for years, are going to take a step to basically punish those businesses who supported a political candidate? I thought it was crazy misinformation and unfounded, so I made a few phone calls to get the truth for myself.

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My hope that it wasn’t true fell flatter than a pancake. Without hesitation, the first and second reps I spoke with each told me immediately that they were no longer promoting such and such and at that point, I had not even mentioned the well-known business . . . they did. I asked why and was told they just no longer wanted to represent that company’s products but that “it wasn’t political” . . . hummmm, right! Honestly, I was floored – it was true. I then told them I was disappointed to hear that; that I had enjoyed working with them for a long time, purchasing many products and that I had always found their reps to be nice, helpful and great to work with. I added that I thought this would likely be my last call to their company.

Its obvious I can’t do anything to change their corporate decision, but I have my opinion, too. The company I had thought so much of and had recommended to everyone I know chose not to stand up for principle, to stick by vendors whose products they had promoted knowing how thousands of businesses had suffered through this pandemic; how employees depended on jobs to feed their families who worked there, etc., etc. Furthermore, I basically told them they had fallen off the pedestal I had put them on.

If you look on the internet for the term “principle” you will likely see its relation to a “foundation for a system of belief” and “morally correct behavior and attitudes.” Before I hung up speaking with the reps of that company two different times, I asked them to share with the “powers that be” that by not having the courage and conviction not to potentially hurt another business owner, they might want to consider innocent bystanders who don’t appreciate deliberate intimidation and suffering bestowed on anyone else. If you disagree with me, it’s okay, it’s your choice, just like the decision for others, as Americans, to believe in not going out of our way to hurt someone or something. In essence, it’s a pain in the buttocks to search out another venue, similar competitively priced products and give up the great experiences I’ve enjoyed through them in past years, but I stand my ground and if I ever hear that this company I reached out to resumes their previous business affiliations, it will restore the respect I had for them initially and I’ll gladly resume doing business with them as before. In the meantime, I don’t wish bad things on anyone, I just agree to disagree, nor will I share which company I contacted. Again, my goal is not to discourage business for them either. What if our troops gave up on courage and retreated in the face of diversity? If that be the case, dear Lord, please help us.

One time years ago, I was asked to serve as chairman for a particular political party. At the time and for all the years before, I was registered with the party and maintained my position, yet I had voted for candidates from both sides of the aisle based on their support of matters important to me and my respect for them. So, when asked to serve, I agreed and started out doing just that, helping to organize fundraisers, etc. But once I realized I could not promote a dominant candidate, I first prayed about it, not wanting to let anyone down (especially the group who had approached me about helping to begin with), but I had no choice and at the next meeting, I thanked everyone for the opportunity and resigned. I told the group that I wasn’t raised with a lot of money or fancy things, but my parents raised me, instilling within me integrity and self-respect. I finished by explaining that because I couldn’t feel it in my heart to support or carry signs for the candidate(s) they naturally expected me to, I also could not encourage anyone else to, either. I don’t regret that decision. I try to never let anyone down if I can help it, but I prefer to remain true to my convictions, hold my head high and not “pussyfoot” or ‘”kiss up” for pats on the back. While I’m the first to admit that I’m a sinner, I’m also a believer in the Lord and the virtues he expects me to uphold, therefore I’m also true to myself.

I hope that we all consider daily news and seek out the facts. Our country and the beliefs we have held so dear throughout history matter.

I recently told someone how concerned I was about the border crossings in Texas with folks coming through testing positive for COVID while we are taking major steps daily and sacrifice to protect ourselves, our families and others and the highly intelligent person I was talking to told me I was watching old, pre-taped news and that it wasn’t true. I was also told the “wall” built to discourage bombardment of folks coming through illegally was so frail, it had fallen over and had collapsed. It became apparent that many people are not paying attention and it’s sad and shocking that anyone in this day and time can be so ill informed. But whatever, right? Again, its our choice to watch the news outlets we choose and that we trust. Enough said.

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