Gig Line: The dilemma

Published 9:50 am Sunday, March 28, 2021

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Like everyone else, I have pondered the consideration of getting or not getting the COVID-19 vaccination. For obvious reasons – my age, weight and a couple of significant medical factors – I have stressed over not getting it for concern that if I didn’t and got the virus, it could do me in, so until now I have put it off to think it through and give my decision more time.

Since this horrible pandemic situation fell upon us, I have faithfully self-isolated. I have plenty to keep me busy at home – writing, reading, researching, chores and crafting if I so chose to. I have missed seeing my children and grandchildren as often and, for sure, not hugging them as much, but I have done what I can to protect myself and them and others.

Over the last few days and with continual coaxing from a dear friend that I should get it, I contacted three of my docs (not having been inside their office since last spring hoping not to be exposed to it). The first was my local doc, whose head nurse said they are recommending their patients decide on their own . . . they were basically not pushing patients to get it, nor discouraging them from getting it. Then I contacted my heart doc’s office and his nurse said they were encouraging all of their patients to get the vaccine. Then I called the surgeon who operated on me in Virginia Beach in 2018 whom I still see and his nurse also said they encourage all of their patients to get the vaccination and that their whole staff had gotten their shots as well.

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I love and respect my doctors and I trust their opinions greatly, so based on the information I have just gathered because of reaching out, I have made the decision to do it and get the vaccine. I know for a fact that others have experienced a similar situation of getting a vaccine at some point in their life and experiencing an uncomfortable reaction, but this virus our world has been dealing with is too dangerous and the aftereffects, if you would survive, are too unpredictable to ignore.

It is a very personal decision and I am not taking the vaccine out of coercion from anybody – not even from my family and friends who love me. After thinking it through and considering that as little kids we got the polio, DPTs and other vaccinations that have protected us all our lives, it’s really a matter of “second verse, same as the first.”

To all of you, I understand if you are hesitant – I get it – and I am the first person not to try to talk anybody into getting theirs as cautious as I have been, but I also can’t help but think about how terrible it would be not to get the vaccine, then come down with it, not taking the most important step to protect myself and those I love.

It’s all up to you, whether you do or whether you don’t. Think through your decision carefully, weigh out the pros and cons and talk to your caregivers. As for me, I am extremely grateful for the work of our Dare County Health Department; for their constant COVID updates on the county website; for the helpful information, updates and videos Sheila Davies, Director Dare County Health & Human Services (HHS) has provided regarding COVID-19 since this whole ordeal began. She and all their department have worked tirelessly to help keep us safe and informed and I am grateful.

To help you decide what is best for you personally, I recommend that you go onto the website and click on COVID-19 where you will find a ton of information, typical questions and answers, etc.

If you would like, contact me on my cell at 252-202-2058 or please email me at (rather than – still trying to get that email recovered). For official help with a veteran related health care, benefit, entitlement or claim, please contact Patty O’Sullivan, Dare County Veteran Service Officer (V.S.O.) at 252-475-5604 or email her at

Until next time, be healthy, be safe, be happy and be proud. Love those you love like it’s your last day on earth; forgive those who have hurt you; thank the good Lord for all our blessings and please pray for our troops and for a healing for our country. Just know that I (for one) love you a bunch, whether I know you or not! God bless you and stay tuned!